Best The Shins Songs

The Top Ten

1 Caring Is Creepy
2 Saint Simon

Close battle with Caring is Creepy, but the life of the transitions in this song win out in the end for me.

3 New Slang

One of the only songs that yanks you out of your reality into a land of innocence and wonder

One of the best songs I've ever heard! HAS TO BE HEARD BY ANYONE AND EVERYONE!

4 Australia
5 Phantom Limb
6 Simple Song

My wake up call song!

BEST Shins song. Make you so happy :D

7 Sleeping Lessons

This isn't only my favorite shins song, this is my favorite song of all time, and will be for the rest of my life


8 Kissing the Lipless
9 Gone for Good
10 The Past and Pending

Definitely the best song by them by far!

The Contenders

11 A Comet Appears
12 Young Pilgrim
13 Pink Bullets

Great song. Honourable mention geos to the Past and Present - where is that classic?

14 Port of Morrow
15 Turn On Me

This is so underrated. Glad to see it has reached here!

16 The Rifle's Spiral

Me and my friend absolutely LOVE this song! - gumballgal123

17 40 Mark Strasse

Its beautiful, people. The intro itself is such a mind boggling statement 'Is it all so very simple, and horribly complex? '


18 Sea Legs
19 Girl Sailor
20 Spilt Needles
21 So Now What
22 No Way Down
23 When I Goosestep
24 Sphagnum Esplanade
25 It's Only Life

This song tells a story in both lyrics and on the video. Thumbs this up!

This song is amazing. It should be in the top 10.

26 Girl On the Wing
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