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61 Clawitzer Clawitzer
62 Slurpuff Slurpuff

Best Flavor-Pokemon ever. Delicious Chocolate with a cherry on top. Better than the original form by far. - Palmeiras

63 Goomy Goomy Goomy is a fictional character introduced in the Pokemon Franchise. Introduced in Gen 6, Goomy is classified as the Soft Tissue Pokemon. Goomy is considered to be the weakest of all dragon type Pokemon living in damp and shady places so its body dries out. Once it body dries out, Goomy will be unable more.
64 Salamence Salamence

I love the green so mlg and when he Megas even cooler he is also super strong and the green kinda looks better

Should be nuber 1

65 Scizor Scizor

He's looks cool in green he can probably hide and grass and more

66 Pachirisu Pachirisu

Pachirisu looks pretty cool with the pink stripe instead of blue

67 Delcatty Delcatty

Looks cool with red instead of purple on the fur.

68 Zygarde Zygarde

It takes the terrifying snkaew bug and makes it beautiful. What is not to love?

69 Exploud Exploud
70 Xerneas Xerneas Xerneas is a fictional creature in the Pokemon Franchise. Introduced in Gen 6, it is a legendary Fairy type Pokemon, and the mascot of Pokemon X. Classified as the Life Pokemon, Xerneas has the ability to give eternal life, which occurs when the horns on its head shine in seven lights. When its life more.
71 Cleffa Cleffa
72 Flygon Flygon

Amazing colors in shiny, lime green and sky blue make it look great

73 Zangoose Zangoose

The change from red to blue looks great

74 Alakazam Alakazam V 1 Comment
75 Jirachi Jirachi
76 Bisharp Bisharp

I don't have a shiny Bisharp but I do have a shiny Pawniard. An awesome pokemon with an awesome shiny.

77 Sceptile Sceptile
78 Ponyta Ponyta

I used to beg for this as a little kid, I litteraly cried myself to sleep

79 Hawlucha Hawlucha

Have you even SEEN shiny hawlucha? It is badass and practically unstoppable looking!


80 Diancie Diancie Diancie, number 719 and the Jewel Pokémon is a mythical Pokémon in the game series Pokémon. It features in its own movie in the Pokémon anime series called "Diancie and the Cocoon of Destruction". This Pokémon can also Mega Evolve.

The black and hot pink color stand out amazingly!

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