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Shipping Wars are when a fandom fights over 2+ couples from a book, movie, play or television series. A big example of this is from Twilight where it was Edward vs Jacob

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1 Amourshipping vs Pokeshipping (Pokemon)

Shipping wars are quite boring,though.
I hate seeing people arguing this all the time!
It ruins the anime.

Why do the shipping wars T.V. show link in the search results take me here? Also, shippings are disturbing.

It is the biggest and I am with pokeshipping

Pokeshipping is the best

2 Sonamy vs Sonally (Sonic)

Literally none of the ships are canon, so I don't even understand why we have ship wars in the first place. It's a video game about a fast blue human-like hedgehog taking out robots to save the world, how is romance of all things the main focus?

I ship Sonic with no one - BorisRule

3 Inukag vs Inukik (Inuyasha)
4 Edward & Bella vs Jacob & Bella (Twilight)

Edward - blackflower

5 Stony vs Stucky

Stucky for the win!

I love both the ships. I really can't choose. Stuckony?

6 Finnrey vs Stormpilot vs Reylo
7 Harmione vs Romione

Harmione please

8 Naruhina vs Narusaku (Naruto)
9 Narusaku vs Sasusaku (Naruto)
10 Dramione vs Drarry

Neither - blackflower

The Contenders

11 Wonder WomanxSuper Man vs Wonder WomanxBatman

Neither - blackflower

I'm a WonderWomanXSuperman fan but I don't diss others who hate it - ParkerFang

12 Sokki vs Tokka (Avatar the Last Airbender)
13 Kataang vs Zutara (Avatar the Last Airbender)
14 Peter ParkerxMary Jane Watson vs Peter ParkerxGwen Stacy
15 Shadouge vs. Knouge

Has got to be the biggest debate in the Sonic fandom. Rouge is flirty, yes, but there is no reason for shipping wars. (I personally prefer Shadouge and Sonouge than anything else)

Shaduoge is better than knuxoge.

16 Clintasha vs Brutasha
17 KatnissxPeeta vs KatnissxGale

Team gale!

Gale - blackflower

18 Contestshipping vs Advanceshipping (Pokemon)

Go contestshipping!

19 SonAmy vs. Sonaze
20 Starco vs. Jarco (Star vs. The Forces of Evil)
21 Harley QuinnxJoker Harley Quinnx Poison Ivy

Ivy - blackflower

22 Fox/Krystal vs. Panther/Krystal

This shipping war has been constant, especially in the Star Fox Command fandom of any game in the series.

23 Starco vs. Startom (Star vs. The Forces of Evil)
24 Lapidot vs. Amedot (Steven Universe)
25 Jackpunzel vs Jarida
26 NaruSaku vs NaruHina

NaruSaku because they actually have some building to them.

27 SasuSaku vs NaruSaku
28 SonAmy vs. Sonally

Also a big shipping war in the Sonic fandom. Amy and Sally are both good, so why the hate of those characters as well as the shipping war of them with Sonic? Both are official couples in one way or another. (Sonally = SatAM, SonAmy = Sonic Boom)

29 SonAmy vs. SonDash

Now I am yet to see a same series ship against a crossover ship in a shipping war, but I would not be surprised if this happened. You know Amy is going to protect Sonic from Rainbow Dash any minute by now.

30 Taismo vs. Taiream

I feel sorry for Cosmo - BorisRule

Honestly, this shipping war sucks since Taiream sucks and is not existent since Cream never shown any romantic interest towards Tails nor did he in her. Not to mention that the bratty Taiream extremists bash Cosmo for no reason.

31 Tailooey vs. Taiream

Zooey is the fox girl who has a crush on Tails in an episode of Sonic Boom, yet people hate her because they want Tails to be with Cream, which is so wrong. Zooey deserves Tails more than Cream does. At least they're both foxes instead of the cruddy fox/rabbit kind of shipping that is starting to turn into a cliche nowadays.

32 Fox/Krystal vs. Foxeam (Fox/Cream)

You know Fox/Krystal is definitely going to win this shipping war. Fox/Cream has got to be one of the worst crossover ships ever and should never be shipped. Because first, foxes eat bunnies, and finally, second, Cream is 6 years old while Fox is 18-28 depending on the game he's in, thus that age gap is creepy. (Fox is not a pedo, either)

33 Fox/Krystal vs. Fox/Judy Hopps
34 Fox/Krystal vs. Fox/Fara

This is rather common in the Star Fox fandom, but at least both ships are official couples in the games and comics respectively.

35 Tairine vs. Rayrine

Marine is better off with Tails than with Ray the Squirrel. At least Marine and Tails are in the same Sonic game (Sonic Rush Adventure) and interacted together. Whereas Marine never met Ray at all.

36 Fox/Krystal vs. Shenzi/Krystal

You know how much Shenzi, Banzai and Ed have got to be my most overhated fictional characters of all time and want them to die, so I am really hoping that Fox McCloud will win Krystal in this shipping war.

37 SonAmy vs. Sonuli/SonicxFuli

I hate Fuli and the rest of The Lion Guard, so I am hoping that Amy will win this shipping war.

38 SonAmy vs. Sonadow

Hate Sonadow with a passion. Sonic and Shadow are rivals, not lovers.

39 Shadouge vs. Sonadow
40 Sonaze vs. Silvaze
41 Shadouge vs. Mickouge

Seriously, guys... Mickey Mouse is married to Minnie Mouse, he would never ditch her for Rouge or someone, never! I cannot believe that there are fans out there who think it's a good idea to ship a Sonic character with a Disney one... Just...NO!

42 Shadouge vs. Shadow/Shrek

Shrek is married to Fiona for god's sake. There is no way to pair him up with Shadow of all characters.

43 Fox/Krystal vs. Fox/Lucy

Lucy was never Fox's love interest in Star Fox Command or any game whatsoever, and she is a good friend of Krystal's, so she actually wanted Fox and Krystal to make up and be together again.

44 Sonaze vs. BlazexFelix the Cat
45 BaltoxJenna vs. SteelexJenna
46 SoraxKairi vs. SoraxRiku

And this is one of the reasons why I cannot stand Kingdom Hearts and the fandom... They bash on the female characters for the sake of the yaoi.

47 Sonails vs. Sonadow
48 Sonails vs. Taiream
49 IkexSoren vs. IkexElincia
50 MarioxPeach vs. BowserxPeach
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