Shisui Uchiha

Shisui Uchiha, Shisui of teleportation. Shisui in the Naruto series is part of the Uchiha clan which is one of the strongest clans in the series. Shisui was given the title "Shisui of teleportation". This is because he was one the only person to ever master the body flicker technique. Shiusui was one of the fastest shinobi to live. He was also one of the few people to unlock the mangekyou sharingan. At a very young age he was able to take on two anbu black ops members. Anbu black ops were elite members of the leaf village and with Shisui's speed and his knowledge he was able to out smart then and win the battle. Shisui was hailed as the strongest Uchiha of his time.

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