Top 10 Shocking Facts You Probably Didn't Know About Mario

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1 Mario Murders Innocent Citizens

Unfortunately, this is true. The bricks are petrified toads

According To The Instruction Manual For Super Mario Bros For The Original NES, The Mushroom Kingdom Was Invaded By Bowser And The Koopa Tribe, The Mushroom People Were Then Turned Into Stones, Bricks And Plants, The Bricks Mario Breaks And Plants He Shoot Kills An Innocent Person And Increases His Score, So They Telll Mario To Kill Innocent People, Huh - BrLightning

So? Luigi, the toads, Rosalina, and even peach do that stuff as well. - nintendofan126

This sucks he didn't do anything.

Bowser turned them and by the way in newer Mario videogames I played Mario bros Wii and I broke a block and got a toad out of there

2 Nintendo Bought Their Own Mario Rights

There Are Two Porn Films Based On The Mario Series Called Super Hornio Brothers, The Promos Were Released At The Same Time as The 1993 Super Mario Bros. Movie, In Desperate Attempt To Stop Distribution Of The Flicks, Nintendo Bought All The Rights To Those Films, Nintendo Keeps Those Films Under Lock With Keys So NO-One Will Ever See Them Again - BrLightning

You know it's bothersome when you capitalize every word, right? - Luxam

3 Birdo Is A Transgender

Birdo (The Main Antagonist From Super Mario Bros. 2) Is A Man Who Thinks He's A Woman, It States It In The Manual, In Any Game Where Birdo Is Talking He Is Always Voiced By A Male Actor, In Most Games Birdo And Yoshi Are Seen As A Loving Couple, So If Yoshi Is A Male, That Means Yoshi Is G** - BrLightning

4 Mario Was Bald

In Mini-Early Versions Of The Carachters Artists In The U.S Frequently Drew Mario As A Middled Aged Balding Man, Since Then Nintendo Betrayed Him With Having A Full Head Of Hair And Some Game Theories Believe He Is Wearing A Toupee - BrLightning

5 The Mario World Is Full Off Subliminal Messages

That's a reason I hate Mario galaxy

If You Look Closely At The Cover Of Super Mario Galaxy, You Will Get A Secret Message, For Some Reason The Letters Were Marked With A Shiny Star, When You Isolate The Lettters It Will Spell, your Mr G**, Wether Or Not This Is Just A Random Coincidence - BrLightning

6 Mario Has Had A Slew Of Name Changes Over The Years

I think that Mario murders citizens is very shocking but this is something you would never expect.

In Mini-Early Versions Mario Was Named Mr. Video, Shigeru Miyamoto The Creator Of Mario Planned To Use Him In Every Game He Made, Mario Was Then Named Jumpman For The Donkey Kong Series, The Name Mario Came From Mario Segale, An American Buisness Man, He Was The Landlord Of The Nintendo Of American Office Building, They Then Named Jumpan Mario Segale Because Of Their Physical Similarities - BrLightning

7 Nintendo Wanted To Create A Popeye Game

In The Early 80s Shigeru Wanted To Create A Game With Popeye, Bludo, And Olive Oyl, He Couldn't Get The Licenses So Instead He Created Mario, Donkey Kong And Pauline, Nintendo Actually Released A Popeye Game In 1982 - BrLightning

8 People Hurt Their Hands While Playing Mario

In 1999 Mario Party Released For The N64, Lots Of People Got Blisters And Lass-orations, Although No Lawsuits Were Filed, A Settlement Of About $80 Million Was Paid By Nintendo After They Got Complaints, Nintendo Also Distributed Gloves To People Who Hurt Their Hands While Playing - BrLightning

9 Mario Is A Drug Addict

Have You Ever Wandered If Mario Takes Drugs, Well There Is Some Truth To It, Mario's Ability To Grow To The Usage Of Mushrooms Was Inspired By Alice In Wonderland, Literary Scholars All Agree Alice In Wonderland Is An Alegory For Drug Use, So The Mushroom In The Game Are Inspired By Hallucinatiory Drugs - BrLightning

The mushroom aren't drugs! Only idiots believen that! - nintendofan126

10 Mario Doesn't Have A Last Name

Mario And Luigi Are Known As The Mario Bros. For Some People This Means Mario's Last Name Is Also Mario So His Full Name Is Mario Mario, This Was Confirmed In The 1993 Super Mario Bros. Movie But No One At Nintendo Of America Confirms It, In A 2012 Interview With Game Informer, Miyamoto Went Further To Dispell The Myth By Saying Quote "Just Like Mickey Mouse Doesn't Really Have A Last Name Mario Is Really Just Mario And Luigi Is Really Just Luigi - BrLightning

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11 Mario and Peach Aren't Going Out

Not true

Mario is going out with Rosalina, and they adopted a kid named Jeffy

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