Top Ten Most Shocking Media Moments in 2018

The Top Ten

1 Cardi B Pregnant
2 Marilyn Manson Gets Falsely Accused of Racism and Sexual Harassment

EDIT: He helped the post depression columbine of the survivors, not the killers - Maddox121

He HELPED the Columbine shooting, Come on! - Maddox121

Metoo in a nutshell.

3 Logan Paul Dead Body Video
4 Evan Rachel Wood Accuses Random People of Sexual Assault
5 Xxxtentacion Death
6 Mackenzie Ziegler Takes a Picture in Her Undies
7 Mackenzie Ziegler Vapes
8 Donald Trump's S***hole Countries Comment

This should be higher. If our president is acting like a whiny baby, that gives a negative view of our country. He should be impeached because he can't control himself. Why did we even elect him in the first place!

9 12 Boys Trapped in Cave in Thailand
10 Anne Marie Acts Like a Bully

The Contenders

11 Trent Renzor Acts Like a Fool as Usual

What did he do? He is a good singer just like Marilyn Manson.-DarkBoi-X

12 Jake Paul says the ā€œNā€ word
13 NBC Blocked the Olympics for a School Shooting.

Honestly I wouldn't notice the whole shooting if NBC didn't mess everything up.

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