Top Ten Most Shocking Media Moments in 2018

The Top Ten

Cardi B Pregnant
Marilyn Manson Gets Falsely Accused of Racism and Sexual Harassment

EDIT: He helped the post depression columbine of the survivors, not the killers - Maddox121

He HELPED the Columbine shooting, Come on! - Maddox121

Metoo in a nutshell.

Logan Paul Dead Body Video
Evan Rachel Wood Accuses Random People of Sexual Assault
Xxxtentacion Death
Mackenzie Ziegler Takes a Picture in Her Undies
Mackenzie Ziegler Vapes
Donald Trump's S***hole Countries Comment

This should be higher. If our president is acting like a whiny baby, that gives a negative view of our country. He should be impeached because he can't control himself. Why did we even elect him in the first place!

12 Boys Trapped in Cave in Thailand
Anne Marie Acts Like a Bully

The Contenders

Trent Renzor Acts Like a Fool as Usual

What did he do? He is a good singer just like Marilyn Manson.-DarkBoi-X

Jake Paul says the ā€œNā€ word
NBC Blocked the Olympics for a School Shooting.

Honestly I wouldn't notice the whole shooting if NBC didn't mess everything up.

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