Most Shocking Moments In 2019

2019 has had a shocking start, so here are some things that shocked the world.

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1 Christchurch Mosque Shootings Christchurch Mosque Shootings

This proves that deadly shootings can happen anywhere and not just the USA, take that European stereotypes

There were also bombings in Sri Lanka. See? America isn't full of shootings and bombings. - TeamRocket747

This is a really shocking moment. About 50 people lost their lives in the attack. I've uploaded the image of the shooter above. Currently a lot of irrelevant items are above this on the list. Please vote this item up and bring it to the top. - Joeljohns249

This needs to be much higher, Seriously why is stuff that isn't important like A Kardashian accusing a rapper of cheating and Certain movies being released higher than this, What is wrong with you guys. 49 people died in this attack. RIP to those 49 People who died in this shooting in New Zealand. - B1ueNew

The saddest thing was that one of the victims was a 3 year old - TwilightKitsune

2 Sri Lanka Church and Hotel Bombings Sri Lanka Church and Hotel Bombings

The Christchurch shooting was motivated by Hate Speech but for the case of the Catholic Church being blown up by a Terrorist, it's motivated by persecution. Yes, 50 people have died in the horrific shooting in a mosque in New Zealand and some were lucky enough to made it out of the ordeal. They were compensated by many Muslim Leaders all over the world and even the Head of State (Queen Elizabeth) has demanded assistance for the victims of the shooting. In the aftermath of the Sri Lanka attacks, no western leader compensated the victims as well as to the families of the 300 deaths. Unfortunately, I hate to see that this Terrorist Attack hasn't been big.

Wow, when I first heard about this on the news, I was in complete shock. It was just horrible for me to see that more than 200 people were killed in this. Jesus Christ, this has got to be the closest Sri Lanka has even gotten to having 9/11. Not only one or two churches were bombed, there were THREE! Not only one hotel was bombed, there were TWO! Hypothetically, It would've been much worse if the KKK chose to hijack planes and crash them into Sri Lankan airports as well to result in more deaths. - JoeBoi

No, these terrorists are worse than the KKK because they attack any type of person (note: I'm not defending the KKK though) - Kuro

This should be ranked as number one because of the many lives that were lost in this horrific event. There was a huge attendance of churchgoers practising their faith until some dickhead who was a terrorist decided to blow up the place of worship which was a church, filled with more than 200 people. I can understand why the Christchurch Attacks were horrific because it was motivated by Fascism and Intolerance. Muslims don't deserve to be ridiculed or bullied so as Christians. A woman lost her wife and two kids in this tragedy as well as a husband who lost his love of life. Islamic Radicalisation has to stop. Christians are among the most persecuted group in the world given the fact that it's a popular belief, followed by Islam. Deaths of Christians are a good reason why religion is losing its beloved members.

I am shocked that this is not even number one. There is more media coverage on the Christchurch shooting, even though both of these events were considered horrific. 300 Christians killed compared to 50 Muslims. The fact that this is more shocking because Christians are persecuted in many countries in Syria, Palestine and Iraq as well as Saudi Arabia. These people were attending church for Christ's sake.

3 2019 Women's March Cancelled for Being "Too White" 2019 Women's March Cancelled for Being

Geez dudes, is that really matter? - BorisRule

It's like stopping a march for being too black.

Oh my gosh, race seriously doesn't matter, so how is this even shocking? Like, dude, come on.

I get that they want to try to represent everybody, but I believe that if it's a women's March, they shouldn't worry about race. Just let them march. - SirSheep

4 Donald Trump's Govt. Shutdown Donald Trump's Govt. Shutdown

The most ridiculous part of this is he couldn't even get his wall with the house was dominantly republican, if you can't get your wall with everything in your favor what makes Trump think he would be able to throw baby/child offensive to get what he wants
The only thing he is doing is proofing everyone right that he is a terrible President, because a celebrity sized ego isn't good for a President - germshep24

Too scared in politics is another word for know it isn't good for the people - germshep24

What happened? I don't even remember it.

At least Obama didn't overreact over not getting a stupid wall. - shadomatrix

Turns out the shutdown was no big deal.

5 Fire at the Notre Dame Cathedral Fire at the Notre Dame Cathedral

Centuries of history, annihilated in hours. Think of how long this thing has been standing. The Cathedral was completed in 1345. It has been around World Wars, Kings and Queens, terror attacks, disasters, inventions. It was a monument to history, human achievement and art, and resistance, and then it just burnt to a crisp. Sure, nobody died, but it just crushed my soul to see so much burn away in just one day.

Hundreds of years worth of history gone in just minutes. This is a massive scar for France. - Archived

At least whole building was not destroyed. It is still sad though. Prayers for Paris. - 2storm

Such a sad event. This building has survived so much over 800 years. - LydiaS001

6 2019 Women's March Organizer (Louis Farrakhan) Found to Have Said Misogynistic, Racist, Homophobic and Transphobic Comments 2019 Women's March Organizer (Louis Farrakhan) Found to Have Said Misogynistic, Racist, Homophobic and Transphobic Comments

We have anti-semitic nutcases like Louis Farrakhan who want to spread hate across the world from his doctrine. He's not a nice man and he is definitely not a hero at all. He speaks for the radical Muslims and African Americans but he is against White people of course. This man shouldn't exist on this planet and he is the source of indoctrinating others to do bad things in this world.

Nothing wrong with it, he is a liberal democrat.

Dude is sick.

Real ironic stuff! - BorisRule

7 UNC Charlotte Shooting

All my life until now, ever since my adolescence, I've seen shootings everywhere in the United States. Almost anywhere where innocent people are only going about their daily lives, some thoughtless shooter always has to hurt the lives of those people. I've seen it all on the news, but I've never thought it would happen to me. But as of recent times, now it did. I still couldn't believe it. In the late afternoon of April 30th when me and my entire college was preparing for our final exams, a shooter opened fire in a classroom and attempted to harm and take the lives of innocent students all across my campus. If not for the actions of one of the victims, Riley Howell, and the police officers and first responders who acted quickly to keep the situation from escalating, more lives would have been taken. Regardless, one thing stands. My own school and my own community, had now fallen victim to a tragic shooting. I want to let you all know that as long as me and my community live, we will ...more - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Can't believe that a TopTenner goes to this college, and a shooting happened right there. - BurnAux

Another awful shooting. 2 killed, & shows hate, disrespect, & fear toward the community of schools & heartlessness toward people. Yet we need to stop the violence. - SamanthaRosie

2 people were killed at the Kennedy building in UNC in the Charlotte campus. - Gregory

8 2019 Measles Outbreak 2019 Measles Outbreak

I wanna get vaccinated before I get pneumonia, because already, the measles are loose. - TheAwesomeDude54

Vaccinate your kids before this happens. - Archived

Dumbass anti vaxxers - Luckys

The MMR has killed more children than measles.

The MMR has infected millions of children with autism.

The MMR does not give you immunity to measles. It makes you more vulnerable.

Don't take the vaccines.

9 Virginia Beach Courthouse Shooting

I live just ten miles from the Municipal Center. This was workplace violence in which one apparently-fired employee wanted to enact revenge against those who work in the public utilities department. This is one of those moments when I realize that anything like this could happen close to where I live.

May 31, 2019 - NuMetalManiak

12 were killed & 5 were hurt. An employee wanted revenge after getting fired, which just shows hate & disrespect. Not to mention this was a hate crime. Dark day for Virginia. - SamanthaRosie

12 dead, 5 injured in a shooting at the Virginia Beach municipal center.
An employee who got fired got deranged and shot the workers to their death, making it a hate crime.
One of the deadliest shootings of 2019, and definitely the darkest day ever for Virginia Beach. - Gregory

Tragic moment, but not as bad as the other ones like the bombings of Sri Lanka or Christchurch Mosque Shootings.

10 Ethiopia Plane Crash

Apparently a submarine guy releasing a terrible version of sicko mode is worst than a plane crash that killed 157 people, why do people always get upset about something that is not even that bad or important?

There were no survivors. All 157 died in the crash & since then, all 737 MAX planes have been grounded. - SamanthaRosie

On March 10, a Boeing 737 MAX 8 crashed in Ethiopia, killing all 157 people on board. - Gregory

RIP - Randomator

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The Newcomers

? Jennifer Aniston Gains Millions of Followers on Instagram in Her Debut Selfie

The impossible just happened, Jennifer Aniston, from Friends, just debuted her Instagram posting with a selfie reuniting with the rest of the Friends cast & she gained millions of followers, with 1 million in just 5 hours 16 minutes, which is the fastest time ever on Instagram & she gained a whopping 8.6 million followers in less than a day. She now has over 15 million followers & by comparison David Dobrik took nearly 5 years to reach only 14 million subscribers on his YouTube channel & although Twitter users like Caitlyn Jenner gained 1 million followers in as little as 4 hours 3 minutes, she never gained 8.6 million in a day, therefore she only has like 9.3 million since 2016 & Jennifer has over 15 million in not even a week. Yet while a few YouTube videos gained dozens of millions of views in hours (Taylor Swift & BTS), nothing's ever led to 8.6 or dozens of millions of followers in just a day. This has never happened before from anyone from just a debut. It was her 1st post ever ...more - SamanthaRosie

And why the hell is this shocking? - Wolfski

? Yohio Performs at a Charity in Kårböle, Sweden

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11 Amazon Rainforest Wildfires Amazon Rainforest Wildfires

Dumb Brazil...they actually think burning down the Amazon Rainforest will help them? They're gonna sink their economy to an all time low and take the rest of the world with them.

That's horrible! That is going to hurt so many species and our ecosystem! - RogerMcBaloney

The Amazon Rainforest has been burning down for weeks, and so little has been done to stop it. Where do we go from here? - Archived

Wildfires... why are so many of them?! - BorisRule

12 Houston Police Shooting

5 police officers were shot in the line of duty.
3 were killed in it.
Just terrible, more shootings going on.
Peace should be restored. - Gregory

Seriously stuff that isn't as important like an egg picture being liked on Instagram are higher... - B1ueNew

13 Mean Gene Okerlund Passes Away Mean Gene Okerlund Passes Away

Really sad. He was part of many wrestling fans' childhoods. He will be missed. - RogerMcBaloney

A truly legendary wrestler, died from a fall accident, breaking the millions of hearts of wrestling fans. R.I.P. - SamanthaRosie

14 Kathy Griffin calls Basketball's 3 point handsign a new Nazi symbol

Have we become too sensitive? - SamanthaRosie

In a latest now-deleted tweet, comedian Kathy Griffin shamed Highschool basketball players for showing the 3 point handsign, and called it the "new Nazi symbol". She apparently doesn't know the difference between a basketball 3 point handsign and the white supremacist hand gesture. - Joeljohns249

This is ridiculous. Come on, this is why celebrities shouldn't be involved in politics, especially since they confuse things way too much. - Nonpointed

That's absolutely ridiculous

15 Disney Attempts Copyright Claim on a Fan-Film After Giving Consent Disney Attempts Copyright Claim on a Fan-Film After Giving Consent

Star Wars Theory is a great YouTube channel. The guy is very passionate and he did an amazing job. Just more proof that big companies like Disney only care about money, even if they have billions already. - RogerMcBaloney

When they give you consent when you're asking for and they file you a lawsuit against you, they have a problem. - BorisRule

This shows that Disney/Bob Iger only cares about money these days Walt Disney is rolling in his grave. - XxembermasterxX

Disney only cares about money nowadays & won’t make original stuff anymore, but nonsense garbage & copyrighted garbage. They’ve become copycats & are not entertaining true fans anymore, but milking in the money. - SamanthaRosie

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16 Gillette "Toxic Masculinity" Commercial Gillette

Boys will be boys, - oooo

Who knew that a bunch of self-proclaimed "alpha males" would get so whiny at an ad showing that not all men are rapists, misogynists, etc, etc. You know, things that radical feminists assume every man to be. - Gabriola

They're owned by the same company that's owns Tide pods. They deserve the backlash and boycotts.

What did the commercial describe anyway? - PhoenixAura81

17 Manowar Guitarist (Karl Logan) Arrested for Child Pornography Manowar Guitarist (Karl Logan) Arrested for Child Pornography

Karl Logan, the guitarist for the metal band Manowar was arrested for possessing child pornography and was charged with six counts of third-degree exploitation of a minor. - Joeljohns249

18 First Black Hole Image Photographed First Black Hole Image Photographed

Throughout all the shock and terror that we endure, it is nice to see some positive surprises come toward us every once in a while. - Archived

On April 10, scientists have photographed a black hole for the first time ever.

The Event Horizon Telescope (EHT) took 2 years to photograph it, but it took over a decade to set up the global system of telescopes around the world.

It's the 1st time we've photographed something we could never see.
Like seeing a silhouette of a person until his/her face is shown.
Like opening a present to see what's inside.

Black holes for ages were mysterious and elusive, until 2019.

Like Mary Poppins says, even the impossible is possible.

2019 is being nicknamed the year of the black hole. - Gregory

Shocking most of all! - ArcticWolf

It looks really cool - BorisRule

19 SunTrust Bank Shooting in Sebring Florida

Another shooting. 5 killed in an attack that was apparently an ambush shooting. - SamanthaRosie

5 people were killed in a shooting in SunTrust Bank in Sebring Florida.
This shows you 2019 is still ever bad in shootings. - Gregory

20 Boo the Dog's Death Boo the Dog's Death

Damn the whole world is mourning, so I don't even want to know what the owners must feel I wish them the best of luck. - ThatIntrovertedEmo

At least he'll be with Buddy Again - TheAwesomeDude54

Boo was so sweet. RIP. Dogs should last as long as humans do. - oneshot

Say hi to Gabe, sweet pupper. - RoseWeasley

21 Alex Salmond, Former First Minister of Scotland, Arrested for Attempted Rape

Just stupid. - SamanthaRosie

Indyref2 not looking as strong now - iliekpiez

22 Henry Pratt Company shooting in Aurora, Illinois

Just what we need? Another mass shooting? Wow, I hope a course for mental illness gets invented. - JoeBoi

Truly horrible day for Illinois. 5 killed & shows us how messed up we’ve become. - SamanthaRosie

23 Eric Salvail Accused of Sexual Harassment Eric Salvail Accused of Sexual Harassment

Garbage. - SamanthaRosie

There's gonna be no male celebrities when #Metoo gets done.

User's Note: I'm not a fan of him, but I feel sorry for the celeb being accused for sexual harassment. - MrEmerik2000

So already 2019 is off to a sexist start. Oh no - Nonpointed

24 The Article 13 Controversy

The internet has gone down too far. Copyright complaints has become a battlefield. - SamanthaRosie

This is a good reason why many British citizens are demanding to leave the European Union. Article 13 has pushed censorship to the next level and digital democracy has been undermined in the name of the greed by the EU MPs.

Well... It has passed unfortunately.

Article 13 could make so much mess. - BorisRule

25 Cannibal Corpse Guitarist (Pat O'Brien) Arrested for Burglary with Assault and Aggravated Assault on a Cop Cannibal Corpse Guitarist (Pat O'Brien) Arrested for Burglary with Assault and Aggravated Assault on a Cop

Well, this was unsurprising, Cannibal Corpse members are always went to some trouble - BorisRule

Evil. Violence is wrong. - SamanthaRosie

Pat O'Brien, the lead guitarist for the death metal band Cannibal Corpse was arrested for breaking into a home, assaulting the owner of the home, attempting burglary & later charging at the Cop with a knife. Later when the cops searched his home, they found thousands of round of ammunitions, with other weapons & 3 unidentified skulls. - Joeljohns249

That's not the full story. His house also caught fire beforehand. - RogerMcBaloney

I bet he was trying to hammer smash the cop's face. Get it?

26 The Loud House Movie is Canceled

1. Who cares?
2. It moved to Netflix. - RadioHead03

So shocking that I cried! - Userguy44

They were making a movie? - PhoenixAura81

Postponed not canceled unfortunately.

27 272 Voting Counters Died from Heat Illnesses in Indonesia

People have been treated like garbage in Indonesia. 272 Deaths! Man This was more deadly than the Sri Lanka bombings & shows us how we treat each other with jobs & we have too much of a big deal with government issues. - SamanthaRosie

On April 28th, 272 people in Indonesia who counted voting ballot papers by hand have died from heat illnesses from working all day in the heat.

This killed more people than the Sri Lanka attacks, which killed 253, and like that, this was man-made.

It teaches you the risks of doing full-time jobs. - Gregory

This was deadlier than Sri Lanka bombings.

Truly sad! This must be higher.

28 Egg Picture Beats Kylie Jenner as the Record of Most Liked Photo on Instagram Egg Picture Beats Kylie Jenner as the Record of Most Liked Photo on Instagram

Kylie Jenner was most popular for a while, and then an egg beat her.
This shows us how glued we are to simple things.
I mean this might represent the golden egg that the goose laid from Jack and the Beanstalk, but what if something else simple, like a ball, a big shiny ball, beats the egg? - Gregory

Whoever posted that picture deserves a medal. - RogerMcBaloney

How crazy have we become. A simple little egg gets more like than Kylie Jenner. What has society come to. - SamanthaRosie

Better to like a picture of an egg than one of Kylie Jenner if you ask me. - RogerMcBaloney

Wow, that's weird. - Luckys

29 Death of Bob Einstein Death of Bob Einstein

RIP Super Dave Osborne

30 Cielo Vista Walmart Shooting in El Paso, Texas

They say we better do something about it, yet it keeps on happening. If only we really changed our hearts for the better & stopped being mentally ill and hurting others and ourselves. We were made to live a positive life and do good things and we ended up doing this nonsense garbage. Sick of all the violence. People are scared of going out and shopping thanks to this. Stay strong El Paso. And Stay Strong everyone.

Yep. America is gonna keep on having mass shootings, especially deadly ones like this shooting that happened in El Paso recently which killed 20 people, and we better do something about these by now. - JoeBoi

Another shooting. This time at the Cielo Vista Walmart in El Paso, Texas. 22 were killed & 24 were injured. Yet it was considered a hate crime and terrorist attack. Can’t we just be nice & respect each other more? Ever since then, people have been fearing shopping, showing us how terrorist attacks cause fear and live up to their names. - SamanthaRosie

31 T-Series Briefly Surpassed PewDiePie for Most Subscribed YouTube Channel

PewDiePie used to be the most popular and most subbed YouTube channel of all time for 6 years.
But recently, T-Series officially beat his record.

At least PewDiePie has better content whereas T-Series is all about random garbage music, which shows us YouTube nowadays relies too much on popularity and money.

PewDiePie has been dethroned. - Gregory

He took his throne back - BorisRule

Pewdiepie makes a song about the congratulations speech.
Instantly gains 100,000 subs.

I’d honestly listen to cool Indian songs (my favorite song from India/one of my favorite movie songs, Kya Mujhe Pyaar Hai, is on the T-Series label) that an annoying YouTube gamer. - PhoenixAura81

Wow, you like to listen to pirated songs, but when a guy makes real content that isn't stolen, you don't even care? - Wolfski

32 Submarine Man Releases an Awful Remix and Music Video of Sicko Mode

This is not a shocking moment. This was a troll item that was added & spam-voted by a certain user. Please put this item in the dishonorable mentions of your remixes of this list.
EDIT: Another troll put this item #2 on his/her remix & excluded Christchurch Mosque Shootings from their remix. Imagine thinking this is more shocking than the lives of 50 people...stupid retards.
EDIT 2: Now that troll just put Christchurch Shootings in their dishonorable mentions with this troll item (Submarine Man releases...blah blah blah) at #2 on their remix to ruin my list even further.
Imagine trolling at the age of 34, Woah! I'm impressed! (sarcasm) - Joeljohns249

Who the hell is Submarine Man? - RogerMcBaloney

So, why are we bringing a person with just over 1,000 subs attention? - MrCoolC

Who the hell put this here, and who the hell cares? - Luckys

33 Bruno Ganz, Known for Ranting Hitler in Downfall, Dies

Admin, what is wrong with this item? It should be on the list. - TeamRocket747

34 New Guinea Earthquake

A powerful magnitude 7.5 earthquake struck New Guinea, and while no damage was known to be reported, they did issue a tsunami warning for the coasts that could damage structures and kill people. - Gregory

35 WWE Hall of Famer Bret Hart Attacked During His Hall of Fame Speech
36 UFC Female Fighter (Polyana Viana) Assaults Attempted Male Mugger UFC Female Fighter (Polyana Viana) Assaults Attempted Male Mugger

That's cool. Nothing wrong with that. - RogerMcBaloney

Kids, don't mug wrestlers - BorisRule

UFC Straw-weight fighter Polyana Viana stopped a Male Mugger who tried to steal her belongings. The mugger was severely wounded after the altercation & had to be taken to a medical facility before the cops arrested him. This is shocking, but shocking in a good way. As this is the kind of feminism we need. Not the 3rd wave bs that is going on these days. - Joeljohns249

Well he was trying to mug her and it makes sense that he's so badly bruised. - Kuro

37 Lee County Tornado

23 people were killed in the deadliest tornado in Alabama in 6 years. - Gregory

38 Grumpy Cat Passes Away

Thanks for coming on American Idol! RIP Grumpy Cat

First boo now grumpy cat why?!

He'll be in our hearts forever

Sad - ArcticWolf

39 Boosie Badazz's Album, 'Badazz 3.5', Only Sells 300 Copies and Boosie Spazzes Out on Instagram

Lol this was so funny, he threw a fit on instagram like a little kid and told everybody who didn't buy his album to log off and come back tomorrow. - DaWyteNight

It's pretty sad when you have the top live in the country on instagram but you can only sell 300 copies of your album.

That's what he gets for overhyping himself and comparing himself to 2Pac.

"Get the f right now! " Boosie spazzing out on instagram had me LMBO.

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40 Lil Uzi Vert Retirement Lil Uzi Vert Retirement

He was really good, why? - BorisRule

Uzi is my baby he be taking an L, but he took it literally when I said "go to hell" - Luckys

Oh damn that sucks. I was waiting for his collaboration with Marilyn Manson.

This came out of the blue. Lil Uzi Vert announced his retirement through an Instagram post. He also claimed that he deleted all of his ongoing projects. - Joeljohns249

41 Christian Bale Thanking Satan During His Award Acceptance Speech (Golden Globes 2019) Christian Bale Thanking Satan During His Award Acceptance Speech (Golden Globes 2019)

Plot twist: He wasn't joking. - RogerMcBaloney

It has to be a joke. - ArcticWolf

This was only shocking because of how much the religious took this so literally and got butt hurt and didn't understand the joke - germshep24

He's joking - BorisRule

42 Jussie Smollett calls himself the gay 2Pac

More like "Gay Milli Vanilli", totally fake huge liar.

Can we stop comparing ourselves to 2Pac already? First Lil Wayne said he was the "NewPac." Then 2 Chainz called himself 2Pac without a nose ring. Then it was Boosie Badazz naming his album "BooPac" and saying that he was this generation's 2Pac. Now...this? What's next, Mac Miller being called the white 2Pac just because he died at a young age? - DaWyteNight

43 ISIS loses territory in Syria

How is that shocking? - BorisRule

Shocking in a good way. - MrCoolC

This was actually awesome. An ISIS supporter must've added this. - JoeBoi

Not shocking, it was an event waiting to happen - iliekpiez

44 Aurora Illinois Shooting

5 victims were killed and the gunman dead at Aurora in Illinois. - Gregory

45 Ashley Massaro Passes Away

So young. R.I.P. - SamanthaRosie

She was only 39.
R.I.P. - Gregory

46 Congo Ebola Outbreak
47 Momo Challenge

All just superstitions. - PhoenixAura81

Yay, let's pressure people into ending their lives! What fun! - RoseWeasley

Why does Youtubers find ways to cause harm to others?

Momo isn't real

48 Nancy Pelosi Shown to Be Hypocritical

For those that are saying Nancy Pelosi is a hypocrite because she has a wall around her place, did you ever stop to think about how much different you would live if you were in the public spotlight all the time. If you had to take a stand on an issue knowing that there will be people that don't like it and could very well show their dislike by harassing you at your home with threats or even wanting to put a hit on you. Would you not want security around your property to provide you some peace. - germshep24

Then why are you against the border wall if the reason to build it is to stop the illegals from harassing us? - RawIsgore

She is plotting against the wall while at the same time, her house has a 10-ft wall and security. - DoroExploro13

Wow this is what you call being a hypocrite, that is like someone trying to shut down a huge orange juice company that has been putting harmful toxic material in their orange juice and calling them a hypocrite because they like orange juice, it just doesn't correlate. - germshep24

Nancy does not want illegals in her yard, but she does want them in your yard.

How is having a wall around her yard equal her not wanting illegals in her yard. This is a public figure who a lot of people wouldn't mind offing to keep her from challenging the President. - germshep24

She needs to lose the Speaker seat - Nonpointed

49 Vic Mignogna is Fired from Rooster Teeth Amid Sexual Harassment Allegations

This is more best moment in 2019, but I can't say I wasn't shocked when I first heard sexual harassment allegations of Vic Mignogna earlier in January. Most of me immediately jumped on the bandwagon as people were giving personal accounts of Mignogna's sexually abusive behavior, though I was hoping the situation wasn't as bad as it seemed. Now that we're in February, not only are anime convention goers and fans sharing their personal accounts of Mignogna's true colors, but also professional anime voice actors too. And now that he's been fired from Rooster Teeth, I can safely confirm that Vic Mignogna no longer deserves any respect in the anime industry. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

I don't believe it. I'm staying away from anything Dragon ball related until the accuser is fired too.

I call BS, Vic Mignogna being screwed over by people making false accusations with no proof what so ever. - egnomac

50 Death of Etika

Etika dies at 29. Then John Kirby dies at 79. 2019 is NOT a good year for Nintendo when it comes to important people.

One of the most horrific days for YouTube in 2019. Etika committed suicide from depression because he was stressed out from having to do YouTube & messed his mental & physical health, putting YouTubers at risk of problems. He not only killed himself, but he also hurt his family & fanbase & their hearts. It shows us depression is a thing we fear because of suicide, which is the worst day to die. He was 29 & had 133,000 subscribers. R.I.P. - SamanthaRosie

This is definitely shocking

I couldn't believe a 12m subscriber streamer would be found DEAD so suddenly.

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