My Thoughts and Words On Nipsey Hussle's Death

Okay guys. This is something I seriously need to address at this point in time. If you haven't heard about it, rapper and hip hop artist Nipsey Hussle was shot dead on March 31st. You may not know who he was since he was more of a community-known artist. He was born and raised in Crenshaw, which is where I have currently lived my whole life. Nipsey was a household name once he got into the music business, but there was something that really made him such a special artist in the game. As his stage name implies, Nipsey has always been known for his hustle game. He's sold music and clothing for egregious amounts of money, but he always gave that money back to his community. He protested against gang violence, gun violence, and inspired underprivileged people in LA to work to improve the community. He funded improvements to neighborhood schools and intended children to do everything they could to succeed in school, trying inspire them based on his own life growing up in gang culture. He was also a major player in uniting the Crips and Bloods, which were long-time rival gangs. Nipsey Hussle's goal was to bring peace to the ghettos of LA, and to let everyone know that there was always a second chance at life. This was a man who actually gave a damn...

And he was shot dead. Like he meant nothing. I remember when I first got the news. I was speechless. I swear, I didn't want to believe it. Nipsey Hussle was a man that our community needed more than anything, and we lost him just like that. My first question was: why? Why do the best and most inspirational people have to be taken away so quickly, but wicked people who deceive others can live to be in their 70s. Why the hell does this always happen? Is God testing us? Who is really to blame for all of this? I'm not trying to preach religiously to you all, but I just had so many questions.

I hid my true reaction for the past month. Yeah, I knew Nipsey was dead, rest in peace and all that hubbub, but I was hurt so much more than that. I loved his album Victory Lap, but I didn't listen to any of his music that entire time because I couldn't take hearing another word about losing someone who cared about us. I kept myself away from all negativity. It wasn't until I heard the news from Kitsada AKA ModernSpongeBobSucks about the shooting at UNC Charlotte. I tried to change the subject on our conversation but I realized that Kitsada was really hurt by this incident and it was something that shouldn't have been ignored. It made me reminisce on what happened in my area and how things like this happen. Last Saturday after my welding class, I took a short trip to Nipsey's clothing store, The Marathon. There were tons of people there, taking photos in front of his murals. I was also taking photos myself because I am a photographer of course, but this is when I realized something.

Nipsey's clothing store was closed due to people bootlegging the merch. Marathon clothes are now only being sold online. This was when I realized that regardless of what Nipsey has done for his community, people still didn't care. I even remember when people bought tickets for his Memorial ceremony, and they resold the tickets for hundreds of dollars. They didn't care if this man died. They only cared about themselves, trying to get their little hustle on to benefit themselves. I started feeling as if this community would never change. The poor only get poorer and the rich get richer. We could be on the verge of dragging ourselves down to nothing, so the question was, what am I going to do about it? Or better yet: can I do anything about it at all, especially without dying as an ineffective martyr?

I realized that the answer was "no". I can tell people to change and inspire them, but I CANNOT make them to change. It's the same way God doesn't force us to change and accept him as Lord and Savior. God gave every single person free will, so we're not forced to believe a single word He says. He could force us to do anything he wants at any time, but where is the love in that? What kind of loving being would force others to love you back? That mentality applies to this situation. The inspiration is there, the chances to change are there, but the question is, what are YOU going to do with that chance?

I don't care if you are an atheist or have different religious beliefs from me, but my message to everyone reading this is to be the BEST person you could be. Yes, you are capable of screwing up. Yes, you are capable of doing things you're not proud of. Yes, this world may feel heavy at times, and it always seems like it tries to tear you down, but are you just going to lay there and let the world do it? Are you just going to sulk over your mistakes? Or are you going to stand your ass back up and be the better person? We all have something to prove, believe it or not. The wicked people in the world are only there to set an example, and it is your job to be better than that. Be the good guy in this crazy story of humanity. The only way the terror in this world will end is if everyone as an INDIVIDUAL takes their part in doing good, but understand that this can't happen, because there will always be idiots in the world. That's their choice. Nobody is forcing them to be that way, it's just what they wanted. Who do you want to be in this story? If I were to die at any time, I would rather die as a loving and caring man that nobody remembers than a school shooter, murderer, wicked politician, or dictator that everyone loathes.

Prove yourself to be better than the evil people in the world. You are in charge of your own destiny. My words are to be STRONG. Use these tragedies as inspiration to keep going. Keep going. If you get knocked down, get back up and keep going no matter what, and show love to those that love you back. I know that my job now is to be the good guy. This was something I realized back when XXXTentacion was killed, but I had to be reminded. This is why I'm in welding as a career. I want to make the best of my life in a legitimate manner and provide for my entire family. That's going to be my goal.

What is your goal?

Rest In Peace Nipsey Hussle, the victims of the UNC Charlotte shooting, XXXTentacion, and the hundred of other people who died doing what they could. I have all the respect in the world for all of them.


I couldn't find any better words for what great things you have expressed with all your heart in this post. Even in the midst of tragedy, resilience and unity are some of the ultimate mediators in the balance of our own destinies. I may not have known Nipsey Hussle like you or any others who looked up to this great figure and role model in your community, but I can tell that a guy like him is the type of person we should have more of and the type of person that everyone should strive to be. To hear someone who chose to do good for his own community but lost his life in bringing about what good he wanted to do is nothing short of tragic.

It reminds me of how Riley Howell chose to do good for my school's community by choosing to sacrifice his life in order to save the lives of others by fighting the shooter head on and dying a hero. Tragic as these events may be, it's good people like Hussle and Howell that will always remind and inspire us to remember to do good for our community wherever we live.

I know this might be a long post comment compared to others that will appear here in the future, but I'm very glad you were able to open up and reach out to others and help spread inspiration to do good and spread remembrance to remember those who have fallen doing good. Never did I know that we would both end up expressing our own heartfelt words for our own communities. But in the end, it seems destiny has guided us on the right path this time around.

Let's hope destiny will continue to guide our lives on the right path and encourage us to always do good and never forget those who do good for all of us. - ModernSpongeBobSucks