Top Ten Shocking Music Moments

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1 John Lennon's Assassination


Lennon's influence was far beyond music. Truly a citizen of the Earth.

There will never be another John Lennon, and that's all I have to say about that.

Go to hell mark chapmen

2 Michael Jackson's Death

My BFF waited 6 hours in line juss 4 The This is it concert... and well... bam he died

Wasn't expecting it in the slightest. Came as a huge shock.

Laugh out loud How is this not number one, that's odd

If it wasn't 4 this, I wouldn't be a MJ fan... MICHAEL JACKSON FOREVER

3 Kurt Cobain Committing Suicide

When kurt cobain commit suicide the 90s rock was silence. when kurt cobain did not suicide NIRVANA was the best rock band ever!

Amazing artist who was distinguished in his prime... Sadly, by himself. But he leaves behind truly monumental and timeless music.

There were some people who killed themselves too over this. Was a major moment in music.

this was such a great loss. he was such a great artist left us too soon.

4 The Notorious B.I.G.'s Death
5 The Death of Freddie Mercury

Surprised this isn't Top 5 at the very least.

He was a singer. He was an amazing performer. He was a LEGEND.R.I.P. freddie.


6 Kanye West Interrupting Taylor Swift's VMA Speech

Sorry for Taylor Swift. Kanye! What were you thinking!? Go somewhere else... I agree with you Beyoncé having a great video but that!? Are you even crazy!?

7 Tupac Alive Death Rumors
8 Cliff Burton's Death

Thinking what difference would have been made in the legacy that Metallica have made and the level that he would have taken the genre of heavy/thrash metal sends chills down my spine. If he was alive, he would possibly have been one of the best songwriters of today. On that tragic day the heavy metal genre(the whole art of music in general) had lost a priceless Jewel before he could even reach the pinnacle of his song writing.

9 Jay-Z Leaving Roc A Fella
10 Lil Wayne In Jail

Who cares about Lil Wayne in jail. He put himself into that situation anyway.

What the heck is a "Lil Wayne"?

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11 Elvis Presley's Death
12 Lil Kim & Nicki Minaj Beef

I'm gonna be honest, if this feud didn't exist, then Stupid Hoe wouldn't exist.

13 Fantasia Tries to Commit Suicide
14 Bon Scott's Death
15 Dimebag Darell Assassinated
16 Swizz Beatz Leaves Wife for Alicia Keys
17 Jason Newstead Leaving Metallica

WHAT?!? I only just found out this... Oh that is awful I almost cried when I saw this, I wish he didn't leave :'( poor james wth that was random

18 The Rev's Death

He was a great drummer. R.I.P. Rev foREVer

19 Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens & The Big Bopper Killed In a Plane Crash
20 Chester Bennington's Suicide
21 John Lennon & Yoko Ono Two Virgins Album Cover

I cannot believe (even still to this day) that I saw John Lennon naked!
John I love you, but you went too far this time.

22 Marvin Gaye Shot Dead by Father
23 Rick Allen Car Crash
24 Madonna's "Like a Prayer" Controversy
25 Whitney Houston's Death
26 Milli Vanilli Exposed as Lip Synchers
27 Miley Cyrus Pole Dancing at the 2009 Teen Choice Awards
28 John Lennon's "More Popular Than Jesus" Remark
29 Manchester Bombing in Ariana Concert

Poor Ariana

30 Lady Gaga's Madonna Fashion
31 Miley Cyrus Naughty Photos
32 Eleven People Die at a Concert In Cincinnati by The Who, Trampled to Death
33 100 People Die In a Fire at a Great White Concert In Rhode Island
34 Stevie Ray Vaughan Killed In a Helicopter Crash
35 Legendary Promoter Bill Graham Killed In a Helicopter Crash
36 Otis Redding Killed In a Plane Crash
37 Patsy Cline Killed In a Plane Crash
38 Toto's Jeff Porcaro Dies of a Heart Attack
39 Gary Glitter Sexual Abuse Scandal
40 Sinead O'Connor Tears Up Pope's Picture on Live U.S. Television
41 Meredith Hunter Killed During Rolling Stones Performance at Altamont
42 Dio Gets Cancer and Dies

It's too bad the media didn't give a crap about his death.

43 George Harrison Dies
44 Mayhem Vocalist Euronymous Stabbed to Death
45 Mayhem Vocalist "Dead" Found Dead
46 Varg Vikernes Murdering Euronymous
47 Tupac Shakur Assassinated
48 Varg Vikernes Inciting Racial Hatred Against Jews and Muslims
49 Selena Quintanilla's Murder
50 Jerry Lee Lewis Marrying His 13-year Old Cousin
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