Top Ten Shocking Things That Happened On TheTopTens In 2015


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1 DreamforMusic Returned

This website has quite a cast of characters, I have to say.

It was only for one day only - Selfiefan68

2 Andre56 Retired

He did? *We Are The Champions plays in background* YEAH! - RiverClanRocks

3 More Visitors Comment On Posts
4 People Run Their Mouths a Lot

No kidding - Carri796

5 Rowan Blanchard Comments On One of Pugas Lists

Really? A sweet gal. Liked a couple of my instagram photos which really jump-started my account. - keycha1n

I didn't say when - Selfiefan68

6 Toptensfan Gets Hate

So he deserves hate for stating for his beliefs? To the other person this is why people can't take you LGBT supporters seriously. Some of you are not tolerant towards others. I'm not defending this guy, but you guys are in the wrong for disrespecting his beliefs.

He deserved the hate.

You can say whatever makes you happy. I won't try to argue because that would be pointless. A lot of the visitors are good. But visitors like you are bad. - TopTensFan

7 TheTopTens Changes It's Design on August 27th

Definitely wasn't expecting that - TwilightKitsune

8 Jacob Bernard Made an Account
9 Cosmo Gets Hated On

Just because of having 4th most followers?

10 Danteem's Account Was Compromised

Danteem: That's it I retired!

If you did retire then why are you still posting comments as a visitor eh? - RiverClanRocks

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11 Weirdest Facts Lists Surpasses Best Insults List
12 Marilyn Manson Got Popular

This is one of the best things.

13 TopTenners are very whiny

Most users on here are just rude and fight with each other. This doesn't help anything it just drives people away from the Top Tens.

Do these users just have multiple personality disorder?

We just share opinions and we fight for our freedom of expression in the site.

Its not toptenners its civilization as a whole that is whiny - Carri796

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14 Andre56 Gets Hate

People should've left him alone. If you don't like him then don't pay attention to him. That's what I do.

He got hate in 2014 from what I've seen... - Therandom

15 Random Visitor Comments on TurkeyAsylum's Q&A

Obvious hipster ruined Turkey's Q&A.

16 Danteem gets hated for liking Luigi

No, he gets it for being obsessed with Luigi that it's unhealthy. - Therandom

17 Visitors Get More Annoying
18 Picture of Sean Penn Randomly Appears on Lists
19 Danteem returned

More Super Smash bros and Luigi everywhere. And hating Christians, Mario, Mario Kart 64, and other stuff.

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1. DreamforMusic Returned
2. Andre56 Retired
3. Toptensfan Gets Hate
1. DreamforMusic Returned
2. More Visitors Comment On Posts
3. People Run Their Mouths a Lot
1. TheTopTens Changes It's Design on August 27th
2. Cosmo Gets Hated On
3. Danteem's Account Was Compromised

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