Top Ten Short Descriptions of Movies In Reverse

Ever had it happen where you try to condense the plot of a movie into a sentence or two and it sounds completely lame? Now take that short description and play it backwards.

The Top Ten

1 An over-sized dinosaur pieces together a city before Moon-walking into the ocean
2 Maximus works up the ranks from lowly slave to commander of the Roman army
3 Memphis Raines and his crew deliver exotic cars to people all over the city

What a nice guy. And don't forget, after all that charity, he moves out of the city to work with little kids. - HenchmanNo2

4 A ragtag group of misfits undertake an epic journey to deliver a precious gift to a little old man

Who I've been told gambles it away to a crazy and even older dude. - HenchmanNo2

5 With the help of friends and then therapy, The Narrator resolves his split personality and leads a normal life

Steady employment where he gets to travel all over the country, and a nice apartment adorned with all the latest fashions. Truly a happy ending. - HenchmanNo2

Ha! This sounds strangely like the story of my life. - Britgirl

6 A luxury ocean liner scoops hundreds of drowning people from the sea and they party all the way to the port
7 Dorothy escorts her friends to their homes before saving an old lady and returning to the farm

I love this film. - Britgirl

8 Harry and Lloyd travel across the country, gain and squander a fortune, don't get the girl, and end up broke and unemployed

Ah, see what I did there? - HenchmanNo2

9 Albanian smugglers rescue a daughter from her murderous father and give her a short vacation in Paris before returning her to her loving mother
10 A kid whose been forced to mature in order to deal with the unwanted adult problems in his life wishes to become a naive pre-teen once again - and that wish is miraculously granted

The Contenders

11 A man jumps out of the sea, wolves use psychic powers to throw torches at random people, a weird woman cries about leaving, and ice is sealed by pickaxes


12 A shark vomits a bunch of people, so they have to open a beach
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