Best Short Stories from Peter James's a Twist of the Knife

Peter James, author of the incredible Roy Grace Detective novels, has also written numerous stand alone novels, as well as 30 short stories from A Twist Of The Knife - all with an eerie or humourous twist in the tail. In my opinion, the ten I have chosen are his finest. You may have other ideas. Add your own preference if you like - after all, there are 30 of them!

The Top Ten

1 The Knock

Wow, that short story was certainly amazing! I love it! And I love the outstanding user who made this list! I love you Tina! - keyson

This micro story is just 19 words long. Here it is:

"Who was that at the door? "
"Some undertakers with a hearse."
"No one's dead."
"They said they can wait."

The very first time I read that, I actually froze for a few seconds, just staring at the page! - Britgirl

2 Companionship

Another very short story - about a "sweet" elderly lady and a pigeon who just can't help but offer companionship... - Britgirl

3 Meet Me At The Crematorium

Two people who meet online are instantly attracted to each other, so they make arrangements to meet. But nothing is at it seems... - Britgirl

4 Crossed Lines

This is quite amusing story of two strangers talking on the phone. The twist is unexpected and really rather sweet. - Britgirl

5 Christmas Is For The Kids

When a woman stops to help a lone little boy with his Christmas shopping, she discovers something extremely disturbing and spooky... - Britgirl

6 A Very Sexy Revenge

Really quite funny. A married man who tries it on with a fellow plane comuter, gets more than he wanted - or expected. - Britgirl

7 You'll Never Forget My Face

My heart beat so fast at the end of this story. A woman refuses to buy lucky heather from a gypsy, who puts a rather evil curse on her. - Britgirl

8 A Dead Simple plan

Later made re-written as Dead Simple - Peter James's very first Roy Grace series novel. A stag party prank goes horribly wrong when the stag is buried alive. - Britgirl

9 Dream Wife

A bored husband wants a new wife, so makes his perfect wife from a website that promises to deliver your perfect wife or your money back. - Britgirl

10 When Your Number's Up

A lotto-obsessed man is certain he's going to hit the jackpot one day. The twist is quite amusing and gut-wrenching. - Britgirl

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