Best Shotguns

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1 AA-12

The AA12 is fully auto and is almost invincible in construction, with a big drum and stainless insides, who could want more.

This gun also has 90% less recoil than a standard pump action 12 gauge. 300RPM. - Dsr

You're a retard, this is fully automatic, not semi automatic.

Most dangerous gun in the world

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2 Franchi SPAS-12

Semi-auto easy to control and surprisingly accurate

Good solid gun can be either pump action or semi auto. either way it's a powerful 12 gauge shotgun that's gonna do a lot of damage to it's target, regardless of where it hits.

Probably, the most well knowned shotgun in the world.

3 Remington 1740
4 Blunderbuss
5 Winchester Super X3
6 Saiga-12

The best for what can be bought right now. but if you could buy the AA 12 then that would be my choice.

I want one SO BAD! - EliHbk

7 Remington 1100
9 Mossberg 590a1 Tactical Tri-rail
10 DAO-12

The Contenders

11 M4 Super 90
12 MTS255
13 UTS 15
14 Remington 870

'MERICA! Most bought gun in history... 2nd most popular gun by experts, not Call of Duty fans, besides the ak47 - EliHbk

15 Stoeger P-350
16 Shorty 12G
17 Mossberg Over Under
18 USAS-12
19 Hawk 97-2
20 Winchester Model 1887
21 Perazzi O/U
22 Remington SPR

Best double barrel shotgun like a handgun

23 Beretta ASE

How can they build so much for so little money?

24 Browning Auto 5
25 Benelli Supernova
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