Best Shotguns

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1 AA-12

The AA12 is fully auto and is almost invincible in construction, with a big drum and stainless insides, who could want more.

This gun also has 90% less recoil than a standard pump action 12 gauge. 300RPM. - Dsr

You're a retard, this is fully automatic, not semi automatic.

Most dangerous gun in the world

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2 Franchi SPAS-12

Semi-auto easy to control and surprisingly accurate

Good solid gun can be either pump action or semi auto. either way it's a powerful 12 gauge shotgun that's gonna do a lot of damage to it's target, regardless of where it hits.

Probably, the most well knowned shotgun in the world.

3 Remington 1740
4 Blunderbuss
5 Winchester Super X3
6 Saiga-12

The best for what can be bought right now. but if you could buy the AA 12 then that would be my choice.

I want one SO BAD! - EliHbk

7 Remington 1100
8 M4 Super 90
10 Mossberg 590a1 Tactical Tri-rail

The Contenders

11 DAO-12
12 MTS255
13 UTS 15
14 Remington 870

'MERICA! Most bought gun in history... 2nd most popular gun by experts, not Call of Duty fans, besides the ak47 - EliHbk

15 Stoeger P-350
16 Shorty 12G
17 Mossberg Over Under
18 USAS-12
19 Hawk 97-2
20 Winchester Model 1887
21 Perazzi O/U
22 Remington SPR

Best double barrel shotgun like a handgun

23 Beretta ASE

How can they build so much for so little money?

24 Browning Auto 5
25 Benelli Supernova
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