Gakuen Alice


Having finished this manga, Tachibana-sensei is my no. 1 mangaka and this is my number 1 shoujo manga. While I'm still hoping that the ending isn't an end yet, that it could be continued, Gakuen Alice will have readers enroll to a school of feels where you can laugh, cry, squeal, shout and everything. The plot of this manga started as if it was kind of an easy-go-lucky heroine changes hardships to bliss and stuff, while this happens, the depth of the story is so deep you can see Adele rolling. Sorry for that pun. And yeah, puns and comedic antics in this manga can be so hilarious you can hardly see it coming. But anyway, I just love everything there is to Gakuen Alice, and as cliche as this sounds, but really, no words can express how much I love this manga. Therefore, I can guarantee anyone especially first to those who want great shoujo manga, second to those who love good plots, and third, to anyone who just want to find a world you wish wasn't fictional or that you can be part in, ...more

It's the best manga ever. The first time I read this, I thought that this manga would be boring but it turns out that this manga is really good. This manga has all the genres I could wish for. I love the relationship between mikan and natsume. They're fated to be together even before they was born. And I feel sorry for mikan that she has lost both her parents. But anyway I really reccomend this manga. It got first place in my list. Thumbs up!

Gakuen Alice. How to explain it?

The first few chapters make it look like nothing special, and then it changes. Pretty much completely flips over. It gets dark, then there's something for everyone.

There is a clear romance line (Natsume x Mikan Forever! ), and a clear action line which the author combines together so beautifully. She adds humor into the saddest scenes, and sadness into the happiest scenes. Every chapter is a mix of emotions and its just so beautiful.

Coincidently enough, I used to really dislike anime and manga until Gakuen Alice came around. I read it and now I'm fully hooked on anime and manga.

Yay for the best manga ever: Gakuen Alice.

Natsume and mikan produced such an amazing chemistry. It gave me butterflies and drives me crazy every time they had a romantic moment. But the time traveling thingy bore the hell out of me because it took so long to get it's main point out. Overall I swear to God I will forever fall in love with this two main character's chemistry.

Okay I just started reading it and I completely love it! I can tell this is going to be a really good one! Okay so Alice Academy has every grade from primary to high school correct? Which means I'm gonna get to see Mikan grow up with the other characters! I'm so excited you have no idea!

I love manga like this! Nothing could compare! Mikan and Natsume is the perfect together! I love how Natsume makes up excuses and get jealous when a male comes near Mikan! It's so adorable! I also love how the author made this anime an older version when Natsume and Mikan is 16.

Gakuen Alice for me is the BEST manga I've ever read. Compared to other manga, Gakuen Alice is unique. It's quite disappointing that the anime is not exactly complete (only ending in 26 episodes) leaving us completely unaware of whom will Mikan choose (Natsume or Ruka) but I prefer reading the manga 'cause... It will definitely MOVE YOUR HEART... And make you cry like a baby. Anyway, both versions are great!

I have never read a better manga EVER. I adored the relationships between the characters especially Natsume and Mikan. There was never a boring page in this manga and I am so glad that I came across it!

It should be #1 because it's a true masterpiece. Its unfair how little credit it gets and personally I think it's better than fruits basket. This has all the genres in it. mikan and natsume forever - animedreamer

Gakuen Alice has to be one of my favourite mangas. It may seem like a light-hearted kids manga at first, but it has some darker moments, especially in the later chapters. The characters are brillaint, all with their own strengths and weaknesses, and you can connect with almost any of them. Simply amazing.

Gakuen Alice is the best anime ever I wish they made a 2nd season! It has cute, funny, and sad love which makes it so interesting. IT is also cool cause they have such amazing powers.

This Manga Made me love Manga More then I used too. It changed my life. Its Painful to remember that it ended.. Hope everyone will read this Manga too..

Amazing manga read it like 5 times. At first start out like a gag but become so deep along the way. I love it so much it's so funny and heartwarming.

I really likes the anime so I decided to read the manga but then I didn't know that the ending would give me so much feels. I love Gakuen Alice!

If you're into shoujo and hadn't read this one you know what to do now, this is seriously my favorite shoujo manga ever.

I think that all the roles play an important part in the mangas and especially those main characters; Mikan, Ruka, Natsume and Hotaru. After all, all the characters form up to become a manga, whether they are important or not. Gakuen Alice is the first manga I've and it really touches my inner heart. When they are happy, I'm happy too. But when they are sad, I feel sad too. The writer don't make it typical with all that 'happily ever after' like the time when Mikan and Yuka tries to escape. But in the end Yuka died. I feel that it's one of the best mangas I've ever read before with a combination of action and romance series. One word. ~Perfecto ♡☆♡

I love when Natsume protect Mikan in every way. The past about Mikan's parents made me cried.

Do not watch the anime just read the manga because it is the best thing on earth.

Best manga I honestly have ever read. It gives me a bajillion feels a second and I freak out whenever I see a page with natsume. Mikan and natsume are my otp which is pretty insane considering how many great manga couples there are out there. Natsume is the male character I have a crush on, and any moment with mikan and natsume makes my heart melt!

My first love in the world of anime :))

Adventurous and this shows you about true friendships.
It has a very good theme and I recommend it to girl who enjoy supernatural slice of life romance school life and comedy mangas

The best manga I've ever read, I strongly suggest it.

One of my favourite mangas such a great storyline!

Very good anime! I highly recommend this anime!

Well, the story is unique and natsume is so hot