Ouran Highschool Host Club


Its like the best manga I ever read. The characters are very awesome. And the reactions are priceless. The story touched my heart. Like I've red an inspirational book. Its funny but also inspiring. You'll be as optimistic as Tamaki. As innocent and strong as haruhi when you're reading. I consider the twins' story very interesting, I almost cry (i can relate, not that I have a twin too) Then kyouya who is cool but also cares most about the club. The honey and mori that shows a lot of caring. You can find the true value of friendship here. You will realize what true friends really are. And that youll find a lesson while laughing. The most innocent love story I've ever known. I learned a lot of lesson here. From the stroy and characters. I thank the one who made this.

To be honest I thought I would hate this series. It seemed far too harem-ey with twins and cross dressing girls, but I fell in love with this series. The entire dynamic of the group and this rich society was amazing. This series is light hearted and funny and while they are entertaining tons of young women I somehow feel like women are being treated with respect. No huge knockers and drowning in cleavage here. I love that it's centered more around comedy than romance which is hard to find is manga marketed towards girls. I really like this series and would recommend it to anyone and everyone. Don't worry you get used to how strange the whole harem thing is pretty fast.

I don't' remember how many times I have reread this manga and maybe I will read it all over again in the future. I really love Tamaki, the super idiot yet handsome host club king and Haruhi, the non-typical shoujo female lead. at fist I thought about how the manga would end as there's no serious moment at all. mostly comedy that make you can't stop laughing. and although I know the main characters are Tamaki and Haruhi, I can't imagine a romance between them at all so I gave up the thought about romance in OHSHC from the very beginning.
But the romance developed from the middle part to the ending part of the series. so for those who's looking for a comedy romance, don't hesitate to read Ouran Highschool Host Club. highly recommended!

Ouran Highschool Host Club is not your average cliche shoujo manga it's so much more... and Haruhi is not like any other girl heroine from shoujo manga... And Tamaki is so cute on his childish side and so cool... Hitachiin twins who can say no to them?... Honey and Mori is cute together especially Honey though (lol)... Kyoya is as cool too... It's really a manga that's packed with comedy, fluffy romance, cuteness, and hot characters...

Ouran is a very good manga. It has a nice and light atmosphere around it. It's not just about 7 handsome, gorgeous and young boys; it taught me a lesson on friendship. They treat each other like family and accept each other for what they truly are. NOW THAT IS FRIENDSHIP! And besides, real talk there really isn't one episode that you would laugh.

This is one of my favorite anime... I haven't read the manga series yet, but I have read various reviews on the book series, and people say that it is fantastic. The anime is very funny, with added romance. I am, however, disappointed in the fact that there is only one season of the anime, with only 26 volumes. All of the characters have a unique and great personality, it might not have all that much action or fighting, but it is very entertaining. If you haven't watched it yet, I suggest you visit funimaton or youtube and watch it!

Ouran deserves the number one spot because it's the total package. There is fanservice as in all shoujo manga, but if you look deeper there are so many themes that all types of readers can relate to. It appeals to a wide variety of audiences, and is the first shoujo series that I'd recommend to guys whose girlfriends are forcing them to sit through a shoujo series. :) Ouran is the type of series that some may be hesitant to try at first, but once they do there will be no going back!

The best humorous way possible to tell a story of a strong independent girl and her life revolving around a bizarre club which absolutely does not make any sense when viewed from the outside but hides a plethora of emotions and deep philosophy about life inside. Hatori Bisco simply redefined shoujo genre with ouran high school host club. Boy how I miss those insane characters and their even more nonsensical yet insightful story of their life!

Very original, art is classic, and a neat storyline. Characters are unique, have deep personalities and potential to grow even more which they do. The love blossoms slowly and isn't rushed. Comedy, shoujo and light hearted but memorable. A definite read!

I love Ouran! It simply makes me laugh, Ouran is the best way to wind down a terrible day when everything goes wrong because fangirls got over the characters is so much fun! And Haruhi is so easy to relate to!

Though I personally prefer Kaichou wa maid same, or special A, this one was really good as well. I've seen it multiple times and it never bores me, I have yet to read the manga, but I shall be getting to that soon!

I have read them all in the list and I think it is the best. With the characters and the connection between every topic and relationships. It s awesome. And the female lead is so damn good!

I loved it best manga ever the love and the confusion made it wonderful it reminds me of my school life other than being in a host club but I really liked it

I've never enjoyed a series this much! I literally burst into laughs in every single episodes - The worst thing about this series is it's only 26 episodes :(

I really loved both the manga and anime for this manga! All the characters have such different personalities, how could one not love them!

Its an awesome anime. I don't usually like romance anime, but I could not just stop watching it. Its one of the best romantic comedy ever

I love Ouran really much! I have watched film version and the comics, too. It is really an interest shoujo manga. Kiss kiss fall in love!

I really really love this manga/anime. They have different personalities, but they love each other and treat each other as family.

Just finished Ouran High School Host Club today actually and I'm so sad it's over but I love it.

Ouran changed my life. Period. First time I ever laughed till tears and stomachache

Ouran High School Host Club. How can one begin to describe Ouran High School Host Club? OHSHC is not your typical reverse harem scenario set in a rich private school where the girl who is a poor/social outcast or both attracts a multitude of bihounens with her sunny personality and individuality. OHSHC is much more than that. Each character is developed in some way, even the side characters *Waves to Nakezawa senpai and others*

Of course, Ouran never fails to amuse me. It's probably the only anime/manga that had me laughing so hard that my stomach threatened to combust. But in the end, the plot is just so well balanced between the comedy and character development. I just... It's just so amazing. Words can not describe how much I love it. It deserves its spot as 1#.

Best manga ever. Has the perfect setting, climax, and story.

No matter how many times I've watched it, it never gets old!

Love it! So sad how there was only one anime season :(

I love this one it makes me so hopeful about love