Top Ten Shoujo Mangas

So when it comes to the best Mangas, we seem to see Naruto and One Piece etc dominate, having our poor Shoujo Manga being forgotten.

So this is a list of the best Shoujo's out there! I hope you enjoy ^_^

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41 Boku no Hatsukoi wo Kimi ni Sasagu

Loved it. I normally find myself bored with the so clichéd storyline, but I actually enjoyed this from start to finish

42 Mars

Even as I've drifted away from manga, Mars has stayed with me. It takes the typical and makes it individual and unique. The art uses the format of manga fully and flawlessly. The characters are written consistently and everyone gets a full human arc. It's a level of writing and art that you just don't see in most manga and I'm honestly surprised it's not higher on this list.

An amazing story. I'm surprised this isn't higher on the list and that no one voted for it. It has the cliche bad boy and quiet girl fall in love start. But the more you read the more plot twists emerge. There is even fighting and life and death situations. I highly recommend it. One of my top three favorites.

This manga should be way up on the list! I liked it a lot. It has a bit of a stereotypical plot but the atmosphere and the artwork are amazing. The girl that no one notices at school has a dark secret and the handsome cool guy has a dark past. They fall in love and (no spoilers) but really it's a mature (not in that way) emotion centred manga.
I recommend it... It's one of my top 5

One of the best. It deals with dark aspects of the human condition juxtaposed with the normal aspects of growing up.

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43 Nagareboshi Lens

It is such a great shoujo manga and it definitely, fits in the category as well.

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44 Akatsuki no Yona

Woah? I seriously can't believe this manga's not one of the top tens. The story-line's awesome. You will be craving for the next chapter after the other. The manga goes beyond 100 chapters but I don't find it a drag to read. I have read this over 5 times and still find it awesome. You will be able to see the character growth of a weak, frail girl to a strong heroine. I was really hesitant to read this at first since I'm not really into historical, not to mention, harem type of manga. But, boy!, Am I glad I gave it a shot & read it. The harem in the plot is not annoying unlike in the other types of manga. The art is beautifully drawn. I can really say Kusanagi Mizuho sensei is a genius for creating this masterpiece. Hands down for Akatsuki no Yona.

Woah? I seriously can't believe this manga's not one of the top tens. The story-line's awesome. You will be craving for the next chapter after the other. The manga goes beyond 100 chapters but I don't find it a drag to read. I have read this over 5 times and still find it awesome. You will be able to see the character growth of a weak, frail girl to a strong heroine. I was really hesitant to read this at first since I'm not really into historical, not to mention, harem type of manga. But, boy!, Am I glad I gave it a shot & read it. The harem in the plot is not annoying unlike in the other types of manga. The art is beautifully drawn. I can really say Kusanagi Mizuho sensei is a genius for creating this masterpiece. Hands down for Akatsuki no Yona.

This Manga is seriously one of my all time favorite shoujo manga! I love basically EVERYTHING about this Manga <3 The characters are developed very nicely, adorable, and very lovable. And the main characters are awesome for each other!
What I like the most about the manga, however is not just it's character development, but it's beautiful art as well. I've noticed that in many mangas that I've read, the art start gradually deteriorating or becoming less detailed as time goes by, but this mangas art has not followed this pattern. I personally love the art... It's so detailed and beautiful. Another aspect which really made me love this manga was the plot. In my opinion, the plot is what makes the story the most entertaining and the gem that it is. Although there are funny moments in the manga that occasionally made me LMAO and also little 'filler' sorta chapters are really interesting. Even with these chapters though, the story never really gets boring or side-tracked and sticks ...more

For me it's the best

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45 L-DK

I LOVED it! Super sweet, funny and sexy. Great artwork too. It's also quite sad and frustrating sometimes. Kinda stereotypical but with a nice twist.

Amazing! Should be higher up. This was the first manga I ever read, now I can't stop reading! Really worth it, trust me. This is definitely a MUST READ. LOVED!

The relationship between the couple is fab

Awesome! Love this manga so much!

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46 Natsume Yuujinchou
47 Oresama Teacher

AWESOME MANGA! The female is strong and badass in fighting. She's unique and not a girl that is annoying and thinks only about love every second. NOPE, she's way more cooler and definitely different from the stereotypical shoujo female character. it's not only the female lead that's awesome but the other characters are just as unique and has their own personalities make them hilarious and great. The plot is fantastic, art is drawn amazingly and manga contains so many funny moments that your eyes will pop out from laughing to hard. this manga will get you hooked!

Oresama Teacher is a unique manga. I don't think I can find any manga similar to it. The main female lead is strong and I like that type, and also hilariously funny. I laughed throughout the manga. And then the plot is well-planned, the characters are well described with characters that has their purpose in the manga. I think it is for people who would like to read a comedy manga, and probably a friendship kind of thing.

A really unique shoujo manga which strays away from the mainstream plots, characters and relationships in shoujo manga. Friendship is more central then romance, and the romance is very subtle and makes you think about the romance yourself rather than have the characters tell you everything. The art is beautiful and so are the many characters, it has great humour and some action, as well as a strong leading female. I really recommend it!

Unique plot, humorous, awesome art, excellent character development! Come on, this should be in the top 20!

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48 Taiyou No Ie

Full of laugh-out loud moments, touching and tear jerking story, and such a loving bond between the characters. You see them grow so much from the beginning. The art is clean and excellent, one of my favorite art styles. The romance is perfection and it takes cliches and turns them around in some unexpected ways. The familial story is realistic, complex, and heartwarming, and this is my number one for sure.

A great manga. It's sad, funny, cute, and suspenseful at times. Poor Mao feels neglected by her parents to the point where she was forced out of her home to live with her childhood friend Hiro.

Hiro also has a broken family with dead parents and siblings who haven't seen each other in forever. Both character's own past is sad.

Turns into a partial Love Triangle with Hiro's brother Daiki. Mao doesn't realize that Daiki likes her and ends up crying that she was blobbing about Hiro to him realizing how he must have felt.

Mao's father had an actual reason to avoid her, but her mother just comes up and says "Come back to me~" and she CHEATED on her husband and ditched Mao and her father!

Great artwork too by the way.

The manga was cute and heartwarming and sometimes you will feel happy and sometimes sad when you read it. It has a very good and cute romance but it is also about family.

I totally loved this one of my favourite...

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49 Hirunaka No Ryuusei

I can't explain it with word. But, this is the best shoujo manga I ever read! This manga really makes me feel like I'm the protagonist.. Both male makes me confuse, but I choose SENSEI! I REALLY recommend this manga for you!

This really should be in at least top 3. The heroine is likable. Both awesome guys. The ending is the best!

This shouldn't be here! It's my favorite manga of all time. Hot guys and a relatable main character. It's 11/10!

I love the story line and the ending makes my heart ache avery single time I read it. Over and over. But it's a nice kind of ache.

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50 Hibi Chouchou

Hibi Chouchou is a must read. The story might seem boring since both characters are extremely shy but that's what makes it distinct from the other shoujo mangas. Overcoming their weakness in order to express their feelings to the one they loved is courageous. Also, the characters are cute and adorable especially Suiren (the heroine).

This story is just so cute and sweet, you'll think that that'll be boring but not at all! I fell for this manga where looks are more effective than words.

It's a bit predictable and simple, but extremely cute. It's complex to dislike the couple unless you dislike shy people. Just as sweet as what a sweet tooth craves. Lovable manga. Enveloped with a distinct feeling when compared with the cliche shoujo manga.
I recommend it! And, no, it's not boring.

The artwork alone is magnificent. The main character is a gem. The story is cute and simple, which is why I love it!

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51 Keishichou Tokuhanka 007

Nothing too mushy or cliche. Female protagonist is not the fainting heart who can't do anything and has to be rescued all the time, and the male lead has an interesting, mysterious character. Along with great plot and action, the relationship moves along at a perfect pace, paired with interesting cases in need of solving.

Interesting story and makes me laugh a lot. And each character are developed in such an amusing way that I've read it before and still wanted to read them again and again just to know each characters way of thinking... ;) try read it for a good laugh out loud

This is so good everybody should read this it makes my heart beats I really really recommend this to anyone

Love it so much! Hope it would update quicker though

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52 Akagami no Shirayukihime

The story is so wonderful. The plot line is understandable too and I love Shirayuki!

Why is it not one of the top ten!? I've read most of the top ten shoujo but still!

Love the plot! Strong heroine and lovely side characters.
"A refreshing fantasy story between an optimistic heroine and a prince who constantly stays on her watch."

I love the charachters and even if the genre is historical the manga is so peaceful without any wars and the plot is very good

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53 Gentlemen's Alliance

Great storyline, unique, and has a bit of everything. Love the artwork as well. Also a series I go back and reread now and again.

An utterly amazing manga, with great characters, plot and stunning art! Definitely recommended!

I'm actually shocked no one has voted forth is story, since it has tons of drama, romance, and lots of messy, tangled love stories. I highly recommend it to everyone. Plus, it was drawn by Arina Tanemura!

54 Charming Junkie

This is just my favorite manga ever... There were moments that were just too BEAUTIFUL to describe, moments that made me cry...and laugh nonstop too, I just love Charming Junkie!

I really love their story... This story is all about modeling and Naka (the lead female) has a very scary face though she had the body of being a model. Umi (the male lead) is cross-dressing to be a female model. Until Nake bumped into Umi and accidentaly knew Umi's true gender.

So... Umi helped Naka to be in the modeling industry.
And... Where their love begins...

This is very funny, has great artwork, and an amazing story... WORTH READING!

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55 Mamotte! Lollipop

It has a lot of chapters but it is worth reading.

First manga I ever read and I loved it. Zero is awesome!

I think this Story should be higher up! I especially love how funny this Manga is but its best moments are when magic are involved sort of like the Daa Daa Daa manga.

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56 Seiyū ka-!

This is a good manga.. Really really great even though it is a little bit rushed

My first ever shojo manga and the one that pulled me to this side of manga world. Seriously love it and it's very inspiring.

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57 Hana Kimi

Love this manga! I love the hilarious situations that the characters are put into. You can tell that the art took a lot of time to draw because it is so well done. The facial expressions are spot on and the story line makes you feel a variety of different feelings once you get past the fact that this girl travel across the world for a guy she'd never met. After that, the story is great! Love it and would love to reread it!

This deserves the top ten. An amazing story, with laugh-out-loud moments and an interesting twist on several accepted shoujo cliches, such as a love triangle with TWO nice guys and no jerk!

This is one of the best ever. I feel every simple things they felt and done in this series. I usually doesn't like female protagonist but I was always rooting for Ashiya all the way. And the love triangle formed is so good and how the characters would suddenly turn from funny to sympathetic to emotional. It would make you feel that falling in love is always right.

I loved this so much- there were so many feels! And the protagonist was super-likable- definitely recommend this one!

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58 First Girl

Really funny and romantic

59 Lovely Complex

Its great would recomend the anime over the manga since the soundtrack is amazing.

60 Cardcaptor Sakura Cardcaptor Sakura Cardcaptor Sakura, abbreviated as CCS and also known as Cardcaptors, is a Japanese shōjo manga series written and illustrated by the manga group Clamp.

48th place? Come on, people! I think people overlook this manga because it seems childish. Well, it is meant to be for kids, but anyone else can enjoy it because of its brilliant characters, lovely artwork and great plot, and also for the underlying themes it has running through it. It taught me a lot about life, friendship and love. It's probably my favourite manga, and so I think it should at least be in the top 10!

The best shoujo manga ever. It's the only thing on this list that doesn't just have a bunch of stupid melodrama and yaoi/yuri. Highly recommended for anybody who enjoys watching/reading slice of life manga/anime filled with cute girls doing cute things. Anybody who enjoys mahou shoujo anime like Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha, and Madoka Magica will love reading or watching this. Note: this may contain some objectionable content, like student-teacher relationships. If you just ignore it, you'll enjoy a nice, cutesy, heartwarming manga about a cute little girl with magical powers. It's definitely not just for little girls. By the way, I highly recommend you people to read the manga. The anime might be too long, tedious, and outdated-looking for many of you.

This was my first anime ever, and it is still my favorite. It's a cute story with a hint of romance, and Sakura's adventure to becoming a cardcaptor is one will make anyone smile.

The manga is very cute and amazing

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