Top Ten Shoujo Mangas

So when it comes to the best Mangas, we seem to see Naruto and One Piece etc dominate, having our poor Shoujo Manga being forgotten.

So this is a list of the best Shoujo's out there! I hope you enjoy ^_^

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61 Cat Street
62 Kodocha

I saw this manga and I thought I had to vote for this one. It was dramatic, hilarious, and romantic at the same time. It's a real heart grabber that I have read multiple times (around 13 times? ) definitely worth reading!

This manga was really sweet, I loved the love triangle which stood out over all others because of its featuring 12-year-olds!

Classic Shoujo. Every one should read this at least once.

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63 Shugo Chara Shugo Chara

Awesome magical girl manga about a girl just trying to find out who she wants to be. It's cute, funny, and overall enjoyable. At its time it was pretty popular, especially for an anime that never got an English dub.

It's about a girl named Amu who is the cool and spicy person in the school but finds she has magical powers when three faiths called Charas show up and help her become who she wants to be

Really awesome! This should be way higher than 42! It's a amazing manga, I recommend you all read it!

I just love Shugo Chara. It's too cute for words.

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64 Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji

The best manga I've ever read so far! You must really read it! Highly recommended for all shoujo manga lovers out there..

One of the best shoujo mangas ever. You will not regret reading it!

While I thought this was a bit cliched at first, it made me grow to love the characters and especially Kyouya ) Very shoujo but very funny and I would definitely recommemd it!

BEST MANGA! Ok I don't really like that type of girls but this manga is so fanny that I don't mind at all. SPOILER: The best thing in this manga is that the story doesn't end after school graduate.It's really satisfying. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT.

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65 Itazura Na Kiss

It, s a must read and see shoujo. You can read the manga, watch the anime or dorama and you will love them all. The history is about a girl (kotoko) who loves someone ( irie) and fight for this one-sided love in a very funny and persistent way. She don't give up and then... Read the manga ;) it's lovely and funny. Must read! Why it's not in the list? I'm surprised

Itazura na kiss the best manga I ever read!... In Japan, they called "romance bible"... And I love all of the adaptation, live action, anime!

Itazura na Kiss is such a classic manga. Any shoujo lovers should read it because its where all the cliche love mangs come from.

I loved this manga so much.
That is all that needs to be said. Go have a read and see if you agree with me... I'm sure you will.

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66 Nisekoi

I didn't read the manga yet but first saw the anime. You tend to get addicted to it and experience all kinds of emotions. You'll find yourself shouting, squealing and even crying. I love this. But by the way, TEAM CHITOGE!

This is a great manga for almost everyone

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67 Switch Girl!!
68 Beast Master

This is just such a sweet manga! Loved the characters and the story. I definitely recommend it.

It's a total MUST READ manga the ending is very cute and happy :3

I love Beast Master! Very cute story

Amazing! I love the main characters, they're so cute!

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69 Namaikizakari

This is the real manga that u should read. Really fall in love with the character and the drawing is so perfect. Love this! can't wait for the next update.

So cute! definitely would reccomend

Namaikizakari. is such a cute manga! It deserves to be in the top 10. Namaikizakari. is a sports shoujo manga. The protagonists Yuki Machida is the coach of the basketball team of Ryuhoku High. She joined the basketball club because she has a crush on the captain of the team, Kido. Later when she finds out that Kido has a girlfriend she was heart broken. She was crying when she was by Shou Naruse the most handsome and popular guy of the Ryuhoku High. He's also in the basketball team. Wehn he finds out Yuki's secret he makes her forget about Kido. When they lost the match against Hosei High, he kisses Yuki and said that he has fallen for her.

The manga is really good! You should give it a try! I recommend this manga to every single girl who likes fluffy and cute romance.

Seriously,71? This is by far one of the best shoujo manga..this is the most cutest manga ever..I mean the characters are so good,not a single chapter wasted, everything flows so naturally.The perverted(in a cute way) n damn good looking male falling for a strong and stubborn female lead who doesn't whine n cries abt every little thing..the problems they face are solved so easily I mean they just talk it out and in 1 or 2 chapters the misunderstanding is finished. No crying,making a big deal out of everything,overly jealousy, family problems n overdrama, just perfect n the DRAWING is hands down the best!

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70 Hana to Akuma

This one is simply one of the greatest fantasies there is. A demon raising a human girl then ended up falling in love with her, moreover, not just a demon but a hot and in-demand demon in hell. This story is simply adorable as Hana is.

The ending is actually satisfying and the plot doesn't have some kind of cliches like an expected turning point that made the heroine more of something than she was and that it only focuses on the eternity that a feeling of love gives to two people who are of different raise.

Hana to Akuma is one of the greatest shoujo manga there is. Really, I ain't lying. I've read this manga for like five times. And this one's my number 1.The story is touching, the emotions are there cause the characters were very well drawn. You'll surely fall in love with its main characters (Hana and Vivi). Not to mention, the supporting characters are also great, some have the story of their own which you'll also love. Read this manga and surely, you'll wonder how deep can our love be...

The demon duke, Vivi, went to the real world. When he was walking into his house, there was a baby crying. He was annoyed so Vivi took her in. And when Hana (the baby girl) grew, she always clings to Vivi...

And many more potions that Hana, drank.. She will turn into adullt which will make Vivi's heart beat going fast...

It has a good artwork, the imagination of the author is very wise, the story is WORTH READING, sometimes it will leave you WANTING MORE.

I love this manga, it made me laugh, smile and cry. The word that describes it the most for me is "beautiful".

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71 Glass Mask

Love this one... I don't understand why it isn't in top 10. Maya is great, I wish I could have seen her crimson goddess. This is unique and enjoyable I wish so much that it hadn't finished this is damn good. I love it's plot a clumsy and absentminded girl (that's like me) becomes an actress (not like me) but still it is one of the best manga... Vote for it guys

The best shojo ever to me. It ain't too complicated, it doesn't have out-standing things but it does have somethings makes you have to think of and be upset about. I can't believe it's not in top 10, may be because it hasn't ended yet. Trust me, go ahead, just read it and then, you can feel the thing - I know for sure - you have never ever felt in your entire life. Don't think like I'm over acting, I've read many many manga of all kinds, but this manga has something really strange that I can't not even use a single word to describe.

Awesome. Just awesome. The art might be a bit old but the plot is just so amazing. Glass Mask is absolutely beautiful to read.

I love this, it's story is amazing.

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72 Himitsu no Ai-chan

Kaori is one of my favorite mangaka. Always creating engaging story lines and her art is gorgeous. Love the fashions of her characters~

73 Love Com

Lovely complex is one manga which is excellent at what it is supposed to be - it's a highschool romance and comedy. It has got great humor and some tear jerking moments. Its having a simple plot but the characters are very interesting and will keep you entertained. It pulls you into feeling the emotions of the lead characters and will never get you bored. Its story line is more realistic than most shoujo and doesn't involve meaningless "love at first sight".. Their feelings develop over-time.. Well again..! It's a great romance comedy!

This one is really really great. Whenever I think of an anime to recommend, this anime always comes to my mind first. Aside from its great humor, I really love the plot because it's kind of unique in its own way. These are two people who both have insecurities in their personal appearance and always end up bickering with each other. Yet, having the same personalities and interests, love was then developed between them. The story is just really cute. Risa, the heroine, though acts a little boyish was actually cute when it comes to Otani while Otani, who seems really childish could become really manly when it comes to Risa. They were just really cute when they were being serious.

After its great ending, the author has also released a 3-chapter epilogue telling the story of before they met and after the prior ending to the story that makes the story more adorable. A must- read!

Oh man I really love this manga. Although it's filled with comedy the love part is really serious, much more than ouran high school host club. (Although I love that too)

This made me cry, swear, laugh, and have so many 'hit me in the feels' moments. A must watch (the anime! ) and read manga!

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74 Basara

It is a really good manga- Highly recommended to any type of manga readers because it has a plot to die for, and the drawing in my opinion is absolutely beautiful, breath taking if I must exaggerate, take this advice from who read this manga. Over all I would give this manga a 10 out of 10 LOVE IT!

Though Basara is commonly overlooked by avid manga readers (I admit, it took me three tries to actually get into the story), but once you really understand what's going on, it becomes amazing. Since it is an older manga, the art definitely takes a little getting used to, but the amazing characters (Sarasa is just plain badass and Shuri is awesome) and their even cooler backstories (ohh dramatic irony! ), you will definitely love this manga. (If you haven't heard about this manga before, it's about a "child of prophecy", who was supposedly Sarasa's twin brother, Basara, being able to right the world from the tyranny of the "kings", who constantly fight with each other to gain territory, slaughtering many villagers in the process. After Basara is killed by the Red King, Shuri, Sarasa must pretend that she is him and lead a revolution, of which the first target is the Red King. Sarasa and Shuri fall in love without realizing who the other really is... It's the best! )

75 Kare First Love

I'm always surprised at how unpopular this manga is. It was the first shoujo manga I ever bought, 8+ years later and I still like to flip through them. Everyone who loves a nice romance, slice of life, school life shoujo should definitely read this.

Nice chemistry between the characters! Absolutely loving it

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76 Peach Girl Peach Girl

Love this manga. It frustrates you like none other, but it's so worth it. It should definitely be higher on this list.

I love this manga so much! :) it was the very first manga that got me into reading this stuff.

So good! Ends up with the right guy but you feel bad in the end

Amazing story, cute art and KILEY! Definitely recommened!

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77 Fushigi Yuugi Genbu Kaiden

This is a very good manga. Really touching specially towards the end...

So far this is the best series I've ever read. It also had the best ending. How this story was made totally reflected how much Yuu Watase had grown as a mangaka. I believe Fushigi Yuugi: Genbu Kaiden deserves to be on top. Both the story and art are pretty amazing.

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78 Moe Kare!!

I can't believe its not in the top 1 boo! Tead it guys its the best manga youll ever read :) youll appreciate love and shoujo manga even better after you finish reading this manga. And I suggest after, search same works under the same author. Shes the best

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79 Love So Life

Love so life is my second favorite rite next to fruits basket. Both the female protagonists have this kind of healing kind of motherly vibe to it which I think everyone can enjoy

LOVE LOVE SO LIFE! Amazing Manga that delves into the heart ache and love of being a child caretaker.

Super cuutte. I just wanna say 3 words if I read this manga, I love it!

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80 Soredemo Sekai Wa Utsukushii

I really love this manga! The story is getting better in ever chapter! I recommend if you like funny relationships!

This was probably one of the best love stories that I have ever seen in my life! The heronie has a lovely voice as well! Please people for everything holy in this world, watch this!

Recommended! The story is pretty funny. The romance between Livi and Nikki is kinda unique. It also has an anime.

It's fun try to read

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