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121 The World Only God Knows

Are? I think it is The world GOD ONLY know, and I think this is shounen manga. But yeh, I still vote it because this manga is totally incredibly awesome!

It was really funny and adventurous but at the same time incredibly awesome. Ending was really heart warming ♥

I don't think this mangas must be in thisblist but sooner or later you mut notice that this is really a GREAT manga! I love elsieee! Ahe is so adorable and funny, you would love it. No regrets at all.

122 Kamichama Karin Chu
123 Watashi ni xx Shinasai!

Love this manga so much! Good artwork and nice plot too! I really like all the characters and their personalities! Just an overall really good manga in my opinion

This manga is about a girl, Hikaru Yukina, who is called the "absolute zero snowman" because of her cold stare. However, she is also the very popular cell phone novelist Yupina in secret. When she finds the most popular boy's secret, she blackmails him! Just love this manga!

How can people not vote for this I mean it's the best shoujo manga I've read in my whole life! I really really hope that it would have an anime version. It's so awesome! This should be ranked no. 2 on the list. I really love Kitami Shigure. This should have an anime version.

I love this manga so so so much! The artwork is amazing.

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124 Akuma to Love Song

The boys are all over maria! But who would Maria chose?

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125 Chihayafuru Chihayafuru Chihayafuru is a manga series written and illustrated by Yuki Suetsugu, serialised in Be Love and published by Kodansha.

A good manga but it's more about sports than the romance but if's about the sport "karuta". So you get to learn about karuta if you don't know about it.

Beautiful story, beautiful characters and suspense story! I loved the manga and the anime! ( expecting a third season *. *) after a while you remain hypnotized into reading and if they can not do without! Highly recommended

126 Heart no Kuni no Alice

If you like a lot of hot guys around a girl, with fantasy included this is the manga for you. the artwork is amazing too.

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127 S.L.H Stray Love Hearts!
128 Hana ni Arashi
129 Saruyama

Seriously this is one of the best shoujo I've read. the story is not like the usual shoujo (normal girl like popular guy etc) but instead a popular girl who likes a cheerful average guy. everyone should just read it! I have read it like couple of times already

130 Otomen

Asuka is a guy who have a girlish heart, but that doesn't makes him less manly, so, what will go on with him and the girl he loves? Would he tell her his secret? And if would she hate him?

131 God Child
132 The Cain Saga
133 Absolute Boyfriend
134 Pika Ichi

I really love this manga! It's just too cool!

135 Koi Dano Ai Dano

Why is this manga placed on number 122!?!?!? One of the most hilarious and well plotted mangas I know!

Instead of a weak and crybaby heroin in most of shoujo manga that make me wanna puke at some of shoujo manga author that lack of creativity. Here we have Naedoko Kanoko which bring a new revolution toward shoujo manga. Most shoujo heroin would cry and wait for her prince to save her from 'fans who like the prince' that making harrasment toward her but not Kanoko-chan she will making more evil plans to counterattack the person who bullies her even make them involve in her evil plan.

Ps 'sorry for the grammar mistake'

I can't believe that this isn't in the top five. Koi dano ai dano is about a girl named kanako who back in middle school ( called "Lady kanako the observer"), was an observer, which she would observe people and right down notes in her notebook. Now she's in highschool where the hot, sexy, tsubasa-kuns romantic feelings for her develop. But, skipping to the point of the manga, she and tsubasa-kun join a club, and there adventures start whith new friends, enemy's, and rivals to when kanakoa heart. The manga where she went to middle school, which I mentioned earlier, is called lady kanako the observer. And there's also another manga in which it shows how tsubasa-kun ( who's liked her before the manga even started), came to even like kanako. Okay, enjoy! 😆

136 Penguin Kakumei (Penguin Revolution)
137 Fly High!
138 Nekomori

Author: Tsutsumi Kakeru
Nekomori is a boy who can see the 'doors to people's hearts'(can read people's true intentions).
This oneshot is an amazing depiction of the difference between what we think and what we say. Has excellent symbolism and is really adorable. Must read!

139 My Hero

Very cute! The heroine falls in love with a not so pretty but very nice boy who has a crush on her

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140 Ojou-sama wa Oyome-sama

I love this manga the story was amazing and the art was just too beautiful. The characters were funny and cute. Loved it! 1

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