Should There Be a TheTopTens Award Ceremony?

Well I made a list about what awards should be in, but do you guys want there to be one? I think it would be awesome maybe we can have one. If you can please comment reasons why you voted that item.

The Top Ten

1 Yes

I wonder if this item can reach 100%... Come on, everyone vote "Yes"! - keyson

I might do this 2015... - Pug

Someone should suggest this to admin.

Definitely. As opposed to a plain "yes". - PositronWildhawk

2 No
3 Maybe
4 I Don't Know
5 I Don't Care
6 Ask Me Later
7 Only If I'm Nominated

Yeah! There are tons of deserving people on here that should get some sort of recognition. - dureckl

Sorry, but as I'm such a selfish chap I had to do this! Nice, unique list... - HezarioSeth

8 Who Cares
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