Best Shows On Hungama TV

The very best shows on the Indian kids channel "Hungama T.V." since its inception almost a decade ago.
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1 Shin Chan

Easily the most popular, well received and ratings-fetching show on the channel.
Quality declined ever since new characters were introduced and censorship was applied to its content.

It's the best show for children and adults. Although shinchan is a notorious
Character he has a heart of gold which he often doesn't shows. He can do anything for the ones who are good. Shinchan is the best!

Shin Chan show is a adventures show. This show has so many episodes. This show is so much comedy. This is my favourite show forever.

I know Shin Chan is good and very funny cartoon, but Doraemon is always number 1. I think Doraemon should be in this place.

2 Perman

Perman is the best anime I have ever seen. So I request hungama TV to broadcast it daily for at least 3 hours. Why always showing shinchan. Although shinchan is also nice but it is clear through number of comments that most of the people would also like to see perman. Showing for just 30 minutes is injustice. Please it should be at least for 3 hours.

This is the best cartoon I ever seen. I love this cartoon in 7 year old . I love this cartoon . Please telecast the cartoon in hungama.

It is best of the best. Because of the humanity learning perman. Saving and fighting for the truth and has the best friendship and love story ever between perman and pako and super trust between them.

It is the best anime with great love stories of them.. And it's really disappointing that it's an incomplete story but still, it touches our heart afterall.. We love this anime so so much..

3 Kochikame

Arguably the most entertaining and hilarious show ever aired on the channel.
Sadly another victim of idiotic and narrow-minded Indian censorship rules, which ultimately led to its demise.

One of the best shows ever. The only show which comes close to this one in terms of comedy is Shin Chan.But sadly in both shows most of the comedy parts are adult and are removed (all thanks to India censorship rules).

I liked riyotsu's determination to achieve what he wants. yeah he is sometimes very much greedy but also helps others when in need and all his schemes and ideas which always create problems for him and the people around him. nakagawa is quite calm and smart doesn't show off despite being quite rich and always gives good suggestions. next is riko. first of all she is much more like nakagawa rich and also exceedingly beautiful. chief ohara is strict but cares for his colleagues. terai is just simple but a hilarious character and aslo shows courage when necessary. all the other characters make it the best anime I've ever seen

It was the best show ever in my life till now... I still love watching it... I have my childhood memories with it.

4 Doraemon Doraemon is a fictional character in the Japanese manga and anime series of the same name created by Fujiko Fujio, the pen name of writing team Hiroshi Fujimoto and Motoo Abiko.

I love Doraemon... It's not only a anime, It's my emotion, life sadness etc. I hope Doraemon come to us with new episodes in hindi... (Season 18- to up)
I wish I will see Doraemon in hindi in the future... Thanks

One of the best shows to exist! This was my whole childhood and they had so many cool gadgets and it was just so entertaining to watch.

Doraemon is always best cartoon, it tell us think about future and do something. Also good songs, storyline, movies with something new. The best cartoon in Hungama.

The longest running show on the channel, good enough to be called its trademark show. As good as ever, and still going strong.

5 Detective Conan

Also known as Case Closed, the show follows the adventures of Jimmy Kudo, a prodigious young detective who was inadvertently transformed into a child after being poisoned.

I was,I'm and I will be a big fan of this show. it was an amazing detective story and I liked those gadgets /, conan's intelligent observation, the mysterious and frightening shows.I thinks it contained all things which a child wants. I would be dearly happy to watch this again on T.V.

This show is the best show ever I have seen in my life...please re-telecast this show as soon as possible...I should be definitely in first place..."please bring detective conan back"

We want it back on it.. It's the est detective show for kids and there was always a mystery in it I love that show...

6 Yu Gi Oh!

Yugioh a... this is a show that change my whole life.. when it was vanished from hungama T.V. I didn't feel anything because at that time I was a kid.. but one day yugioh return in my life. It's a game of yugioh. After then my big bro started downloading all shows of yugioh. After which I m able to meet JADEN YUKI The guy who never take tension. Now that's the turning point of my life.. with help of jaden I'm able to enjoy the world. I thanks to all of the yugioh teams, and I have no more words to say anything. Please bring yugioh GX on hungama T.V.

One of the best anime aired on this channel, kids of today don't know what they missed. Should be above SPD
Shinchan, Doraemon, Kochikame, Yu Gi Oh!, Detective Conan.. these actually made hungamatv popular.. I think sonic was aired on this channel too! (if anyone remember toon blast)

The ruler of the scene until Shin Chan arrived; Yu Gi Oh! Can be credited as one of the shows that carried the channel on its back during its initial years.

Yugioh is best show ever aired in India.
Fero teach us to stay strong in any conditions and our true friends are our strength.

7 Pokemon Pokémon, abbreviated from the Japanese title of Pocket Monsters and currently advertised in English as Pokémon: The Series, is a Japanese anime television series, which has been adapted for the international television markets. It was first broadcast in Japan on April 1, 1997, in the United States more.

I just Love Pokemon! It's so Hilarious and entertaining show! I Just Love itttttt!
Hungama TV should telecast more and more episodes of Pokemon!

Pokemon is real good but why aren't you showing new episodes? By the way, try showing Pokemon origins and do not delay in showing the movies. Ash is such a loser and red is the best because he is a Pokemon master and champion plus he caught Mewtwo. Why is ash more famous than red?! My favourite Pokemons are lucario garchomp and charizard. Pikachu is lame and weak but famous because it is ash pathner

Pokemon is HILARIOUS! So many roasts from Ash which makes it more entertaining , it gives the audience exactly what they expect.

Hungama please Pokemon back.
I love Pokemon very very much.
Please I am 16 year old but I love Pokemon and my all friends and cousins. I like Pokemon.
I watch every episode of Pokemon.
And you stopped on hungama this program me.
I wish Pokemon back
We request u.

8 Power Rangers: SPD

The longest running Power Rangers show on the channel.

I love it the red one

9 Dragon Ball Z Dragon Ball Z is a Japanese anime television series produced by Toei Animation. Dragon Ball Z follows the adventures of Goku who, along with the Z Warriors, defends the Earth against evil. The action adventures are entertaining and reinforce the concept of good versus evil. Dragon Ball Z teaches valuable more.

Dbz is great fighting cartoons the best episode is goku fights freeza or goku turns ssj first time...

Amazing show please telecast again...

No comparison. Dbz is best

Please start the show

10 Gol Gol Gulaam

A Hungama-original show; in fact the best of the exclusive ones. Gol Gol Gulaam was entertaining and well received by most people.
It featured 4 teams (6 in older episodes) competing for a range of prizes.

Want to see it online

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11 Telematch

A German game show from the 70s; featured two teams competing against each other in time challenges or races.
The Hindi commentary dub was really good.

12 Beyblade

I am a great fan of Beyblade because of kai and blade breakers and the comedy and actions in it and I am very eagerly waiting for Beyblade v force and g revolution to come on hungama T.V.

It is amazing but from many days Beyblade shows old so please show new shows.

I love Beyblade and especially Ray he is indeed amazing.

I love beyblading and watching Beyblade in hungama T.V.. It is very cool!

13 Shaka Laka Boom Boom

Hi I am from India I want that shakalaka boom boom should come on hungama T.V.

Who doesn't know about this show?
Sanju, Magic Pencil, Adventures, Fun.

This show is re start

14 Sanya

The show was about a girl named Sanya, who just could not say "No". She was the friend to everyone in need, and the most popular girl on the college campus.
Aired around 2005-06 and asked people to SMS vote on what she should do next.

I loved that show! If anybody knows where can I find that show now, please tell!

Tell mi the link where we can see sanya serial's all episode.

15 Kiteretsu Daihyakka

I loved it in my childhood as it was same as doremon.
I founded it on every cartoon channel but I did not found it.
please bring this cartoon back.

My best favourite show

Similar to doraemon

My favourite show ever my childhood memory please restard the show hungama T.V. I really miss you kiteretsu korusuke bhutagorila tongari miyoko mr benjo please restard the show I really miss you

16 New Doraemon

This is the best cartoon series I like this show too much it should on the top. right?

Nic but the old one is the best..

I liked Doraemon.But this new addition is certainly more impressive.Now I want to see the manga series and I think everyone wants more from DORAEMON

Have new graphics and some remake episodes are also there to watch for fun

17 Hero

Sir hungama channel par now serial hero bhakti hi shakti hai kyu nahi deta hai aur yeh serial net par bhi upload nahi hai so I am requested to you please upload all eposide of serial hero bhakti hi shakti hai in hd and running on hungama T.V. plesemail Sir

Sir plzzz I beg to repeat this show once again on hungama T.V.

It was my best childhood T.V. show

Sir not only I but many more are there who like this show

I have seen one youtube channel of hero and there are more than 2000
Subscribers and 907812 views

So sir please repeat this show once agin sir plzzz

Another one of Hungama T.V. classics.

It's my favorite show

18 Osomatsu-kun
19 BoBoiBoy

I am the world's biggest fan of Boboiboby. I wish that Boboiboby Galaxy should be dubbed in Hindi too. I have seen all of its movies and seasons but in English. IT should be shown full day on Hungama TV like Shin chan

It is worlds best cartoon. I didn't like hero bhakti hi shakti hai. It is such a worst show because it take place of boboiboy. So please don't off this show. It is best cartoon. Dhamalastic

Good please on T.V. also coming boboiboy

I like boboiboy powers

20 Ultra B
21 Digimon Fusion

Digimon is best

22 Vir the Robot Boy

Well I don't know why it's next episodes are not coming on hungama from a month that is July and today is 9 august but it still didn't came, anyways I love this cartoon but had anyone noticed that MDS had not made a single movie of it right?

Vir is best show super hero.

Kya ye band ho gaya

23 Slugterra
24 Majuba Ka Ajooba

I love it show... Please give me majuba ka ajooba full episode link.

25 Lumba

Misisng the days when.I was a child can I see it again on hungama as it always a memorable serial for me I watched it daily with my mom she is no more please may I have it again on TV please

I want new episodes

Lumba serial nic show

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