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21 Kiteretsu Daihyakka

Interested each episodes of KITERETSU and awesome

Please open the show

My best favourite show

Please retelecast

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22 Osomatsu-kun
23 Ultra B V 4 Comments
24 Perman

Should have more new episodes. I like this show very much. Thanks for starting it again.

Best super hero show.

Perman is best show

Best show in the world

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25 Hungamental
26 Lumba

I want new episodes

27 Power Rangers Jungle Fury

Best of best this is the best vote now if u like

Please open the show

28 Tensai Bakabon

It is one of the best anime in Hungama but very few have seen it. Please start it again. It isn't available anywhere.

Please, start it again.

29 Digimon Xros War

Digimon xros wars is an amazing cartoon but slugterra is most amazing these cartoons should be at the top.

30 Gon, The Stone-Age Boy
31 Chacha Bhatija
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