Community Debating Discussion #30 Cancellation

htoutlaws2012 After seeing the cancellation of Roseanne it made me think you know what there's the difference between cutting something that just flat out sucks, and just straight up political correcting decisions. What I mean by that is racism was suppose to be buried the hatchet when the act of 1964 happened right? Well 50 years later its still hanging around, and many residence are aware of this as I sit here going ''what has the world gone to?'' For one yes the tweet was bad on her end, but those involved with the show lose their jobs as well that ain't cool. Especially you were loaded, and ready to make one of the greatest comebacks in history all tarnished thanks to a tweet that triggered the world of not taking a joke. I could keep talking about why social media can be a derailing career killer and all, but this is about one thing the forms of cancelling things that had the potential to be phenomenal in the long run, and let me show great examples of what I mean exactly.

Other Television Shows: Like ABC making their controversial move, MTV has had a bit of lost cause over the years losing its old school fans probably because Music is in the title for starters right. Beavis and Butthead made its long overdue return in 2011, and after being successful it never got another season to keep going proving MTV is more less RTV, and how much they shows like Teen Mom, Jersey Shore, and all that other crap polluting that channel that have no relations with MTV whatsoever. Arguably the greatest travesty to never get another season is Freaks and Geeks, and that had potential to be one of the best shows in NBC's history, and for some reasons they dropped it all together. Think about this you had James Franco, Jason Segel, Shia Labeouf even and Seth Rogan. 4 names that would go on to become household names the potential that it could of had.

Video Games: Star Wars 1313 had potential to really be that next great Star wars title. but was pulled because the transition change from Disney now having rights to Lucasfilms. What about Starcraft: Ghost anybody remember that game? This would have been a great transition from consoles for Blizzard, but instead that chose to wait for next generation of console pulling the project sadly ultimately not seeing the light and day despite being a cover where it was close to finished. Could you believe there was actually works of an actual Metallica game back in the 6th of consoles I never would of known that myself until realizing wow this the one case maybe they got that right sense the plot was suppose to be similar to like of Revolution X which you know the game featured Rock band Aerosmith frankly instead we got Guitar Hero: Metallica which i'll take anyday. The last one i'll talk about is very recent, and some of you may have heard of this, but it was called Active Shooter. This caused controversy due to the fact the shootings from this year were 10 as one said, and also the game honestly looked like crap one way or the other it would of been an absolutely shameful for Valve to have this on steam for people to see or even have curiosity to have cared to play this is criminal. I love metal music, but not when I see on non-quality Video games like this. In this case cancelling a game that was dumb from the start is the correct moving forward from backlash eventually recover your reputation right Valve?

Sports: Yes even sports at rare occasions can be cancelled for many different reasons. Can you believe back in the mid 90's a MLB playoff world series had never gone through thanks to strikes that began prior. Luckily it hasn't happened since, but the loss of it all is nobody got to see what team could of possibly won the while thing. This has also happened in Hockey... instead of cancelling a playoffs the NHL cancelled an entire series in 04-05 even. This was due to never finding out a resolvement over a lock out therefore the players, and fans lost that season not witnessing a whole season of hockey. Where as with the NFL managed to beat that in early 2010's.

The point i'm getting at is imagine if E3, The Super Bowl, or any other big event is annual was rarely cancelled how devastated would you be? I gave three different perspective now give me something that you wanna bring related to this topic.