Top Ten Shows That Should Be Created for Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon Characters

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1 The Fresh Lumpy Space Princess of Bel-Air

I would actually watch this. Seems funny. - Comi03

In the west lumpy space area in the sky
In a spaceland where I would spend most of my days
It's a sitcom parody, this was be awesome!

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2 The Cartoon House
3 The Cosmo Girls

Girls include: Frankie Foster, Dee Dee, and Dora The Explorer!.

The Dora part was a joke. Maybe Frankie Foster, Dee Dee, and Ginger Foutley. Dora isn't gonna work..

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4 Toon Titans
5 My Life as a Teenage Jokester
6 That's So Mandy
7 Michelangelo Days

I'm the creator of this list and my favorite is donnie, but mikey would have a better show than D.

8 Lisa's Laboratory
9 Muscleman Company
10 As Told by Luna Loud

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11 Family Beast Boy

Beast Boy and Raven are'nt teen anymore! They are the parents of 3 children!

12 The Patricksons
13 The Eddy Bunch
14 The Loudy Bunch
15 Pikachu Lopez V 1 Comment
16 Patchy and the Spongebobland Pirates
17 Rocko's Moderner Life

Takes place in 2017

18 Wacky Delly

Yes. Somehow, Nickelodeon would find a way to turn the "Wacky Delly" skit from RML into a full-length animated series. And it would ironically be better than most of the crap on Nickelodeon these days. - xandermartin98

19 Teen Patricks Go!

That would be worse

20 Bugs Matters
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