Top Ten Shows That Should Be Created for Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon Characters

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21 Sarcasm By Noah
22 The Ridiculous Adventures Of Clemont And Bonnie

A Pokemon X and Y spinoff without Ash and Serena. The show instead focuses on Clemont and Bonnie and their lives. The first episode is how Clemont became a Gym Leader. - RiverClanRocks

23 Chowder Meets Harvey Beaks

True Fact-Both Shows Made By The Same Person

24 Miss Simian's Diary of Despair
25 The "Rigby" Way
26 Ice Cream Talk with Sarah G. Lato
27 The World According To Heather
28 Princess Bubblegum: A Story About Brainiacs
29 Darwin Watterson: The Tale of a Fish With Legs
30 Pops Maellard: Greetings from Lolliland
31 Tyler and Scott's Beat Em' Up
32 Korean Rainbow with Lady Rainicorn

I hate Adventure Time but in my opinion Lady Rainicorn is the only good character. So her having her own show I would actually watch it. - RiverClanRocks

This would be a Korean educational show, it should be translated to English and Korran for the bits that actually try to teach kids Korean. This would air in Korea first though...

33 Pearl's Easy Steps to be a Sword Fighter
34 Pizza Night with Pizza Steve

This would be a nighttime broadcast, but could work as a BBC block!

35 Keeping Up With The Fitzgeralds
36 House of Nina and Eddie

The show house of anubis... Just picture it... Mr sweet turns the school into a college as well as a high school and Nina and Eddie rule over Sibuna land... Can you say "greatness? "

37 Jerry and Rigby

A crossover with Jerry (of Tom and Jerry) and Rigby (of Regular Show).

38 Leonardo: King of Swords
39 Super Jade
40 The Adventures of Misty
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