Top Ten Shows from the Weather Channel

The Top Ten

1 Weather Center Live

This show runs for ten straight hours on weekdays. WOW.


This show runs for four hours on weekdays.

3 AMHQ Weekend

This show rubs for four hours on weekends.

4 Strangest Weather on Earth

This show runs for one hour, but there are many episodes.

5 Weekend Recharge

This show runs for four hours on weekends.

6 Weather Caught On Camera

This show features violent weather moments caught on camera. Runs for an hour, many episodes.

7 Weather Underground

This show runs for two hours and is in the PM. Found on weekdays.

8 So You Think You'd Survive?

This show features major disasters based on true stories and has you choose what you would do if you were caught in the same situation. Runs for one hour, many episodes.

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9 Prospectors

This show features mining partners go mining. Runs for 1 hour, many episodes.

10 Highway Thru Hell

This show features big rigs crashing in ice and snow and people rescuing it. Runs for 1 hour, many episodes.

The Contenders

11 Why Planes Crash
12 Fat Guys in The Woods
13 Cantore Stories
14 Storm Stories
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