Top Ten Siblings of Famous Growtopia Players

The Top Ten

1 Ethan1327 - brother of 1327

This is the only one known Ethan1327 is now known as 7901

Ethan1327 is now 7901

2 Grow58 - brother of Doomcraft
3 Brother1 - brother of Artemis
4 Nita - sister of Ludo
5 Greenface - sister of Opopolisy

Greenface became Opopolisy2

6 herobrinedev - brother of agentbro

This shouldn't be on this list, First agentbro IS NOT FAMOUS and he quit and the account has been banned for a whole year and it's being used as a spare

7 Qukuzz - brother of Cukuzz
8 SisterJane - Sister of Ludo
9 HoundDog - brother of SSSniperwolf
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