Top Ten Best Siddharta Songs

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1 B Mashina

This is not just a Siddharta song, it's THE Siddharta song. With post-apocalyptic lyrics, dark atmosphere, crushing guitars and a powerful soaring chorus it embodies everything great about the band. - IlidianSLO

2 Pot V X

Perhaps the most classic Siddharta song, Pot v X is the highlight of the band's first album. With a lighter tone, a catchy chorus and great lyrics discussing the degradation of pop music. To bad they weren't able to take their own advice and became what they used to warn against. - IlidianSLO

3 Lunanai

The original hit surely deserves a high place at this list. It is a fun song with lyrics that go much deeper than it's bouncing saxophone driven melody implies. With a catchy and emotional chorus and a powerful guitar solo, it is a must for any would-be Siddharta fan. - IlidianSLO

4 Ring

Although I consider this song very overrated it's impact just cannot be ignored. It is all in all a powerful song, with a sound signature of the RH- era, and helped propel Siddharta to the top of the Slovenian music scene. Catchy and fun. - IlidianSLO

5 Na Soncu
6 Samo Edini

One of the most emotional Siddharta songs. It is slower paced than most, and keeps up an eerie atmosphere with the music and the lyrics, which is even enhanced by one of the best music videos in the history of Slovenian music. Still gives me the chills after all this time. - IlidianSLO

7 Siddharta

This is a longer track that has a lot to say and has been largely overlooked by the general public. The arrangements are just breathtaking and the atmosphere quite overwhelming. Very underrated and definitely deserving of a spot among the top ten. - IlidianSLO

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8 Japan
9 Ledena
10 Orion Lady

A beautiful piano driven ballad which reveals the softer side of Siddharta. You just can't listen to it and remain unaffected by it's magic. - IlidianSLO

The Contenders

11 Plastika
12 Male Roke
13 Vojna Idej
14 Insane

A pounding anthem with crushing guitars and a catchy flute driven melody. Fast paced and magnificent. The Slovene version of this song Napoj is also great. - IlidianSLO

15 Platina

One of the must famous early Siddharta song and even though it might be a bit overrated in my opinion, it goes without saying that its almost too memorable chorus and powerful lyrics earn it a spot at the upper part of the list. - IlidianSLO

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