Top 10 Signature Foods, Spices and Drinks Coming from a Certain Country or Region


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41 Mexican Tequila Mexican Tequila
42 Cuban Mojito Cuban Mojito
43 Italian Sausage Italian Sausage
44 Chinese Dumplings Chinese Dumplings
45 Russian Borscht Russian Borscht
46 French Onion Soup French Onion Soup
47 French Baguette French Baguette
48 Lebanese Tabbouleh Lebanese Tabbouleh

This is a very fresh salad, with lots of parsley. There are many Lebanese restaurants and grocery stores in my city. - Metal_Treasure

49 Chinese Noodles Chinese Noodles
50 Canadian Bacon Canadian Bacon

Canadian bacon is more like ham because it's typically cut from the loin and not from the fatty belly of the pig (American bacon).
Canadian bacon is much leaner than belly bacon and comes in rounded slices rather than strips. - Metal_Treasure

51 Italian Spaghetti Italian Spaghetti
52 Korean Kimchi Korean Kimchi

It's a traditional fermented Korean side dish made of vegetables with a variety of seasonings. In traditional preparation, kimchi was stored underground in jars to keep cool during the summer months and unfrozen during the winter months. There are hundreds of varieties of kimchi made from napa cabbage, radish, scallion, or cucumber as a main ingredient. - Metal_Treasure

53 Greek Moussaka Greek Moussaka

Moussaka is an eggplant- or potato-based dish, often including ground meat, in the cuisines of the countries of the former Ottoman Empire, with many local and regional variations.
It was mentioned in the comedy "My Big Fat Greek Wedding". - Metal_Treasure

54 Turkish Baklava Turkish Baklava
55 American Cheese
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