Top 10 Signature Moves in WWE

The moves that are not finishers but secondary finishers like signature moves.

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1 John Cena's 5 Knuckle Shuffle

It can make a dead body to get up without knowing what is happening around them and then is attitude adjustment can make even undertaker to go to deep sleep.

John is my favourite wrestler

NOTE:sweet chin music is a FINISHER not SIGNATURE

Great move, he does the You Can't See Me hand sign, runs and then pounds his five knuckles into your face.

Wow really good

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2 Jeff Hardy's Whisper In The Wind

By the way sweet chin music, stone cold stunner are not a WWE signature move those are FINISHERS.

When you hear flapping sound of cargo jeans above your head it means you're About to get hit by what's it called whisper in the wind

Awesome move and super effective a little risky though but could reversal as well

Whisper in the wind is my favorite :3

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3 Undertaker's Last Ride

It is even is considered as a top 10 finisher and best signature

This move can also compare as a finishing move

Very painful

Its amazing

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4 Roman Reigns' Super Man Punch

Yes superman punch and spear is best signature move and finishing move

I think that superman punch is better than brogue kick, back to back backbreaker

Yes, Roman's superman punch & spear is the best signature move and finishing.

This move will totally hurt your face and your body!

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5 HBK's Sweet Chin Music

I think sweet chin music is the best cause anyone can lose consciousness for a little time.

First the stamping, and it has to be inch-prefect... HBK isn't my favorite, but this move is legendary!

It's the best because anyone goes consciousness

The first person I hove seen do the superkick

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6 Randy Orton's Back to Back Backbreaker

Randy Orton signature is all time best

It should be on the first positions asss

Mi piace

7 Randy Orton's RKO

Awesome I always give this to my friend RKO

No need to use energy. Just rely on gravity

Guys this has to be at first

I love this man

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8 The Rock's Rock Bottom

Signatures are finishers there just different in the video games

The Rock can't be the best in the world simply because he wasn't in wrestling long enough, he only wrestled a short time then became a big movie star. If anyone is the best its Ric Flair he's been in the business for many many years and has been the Champion 15 times.

This is a finisher, duh

I love the rock he’s one of my favourites

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9 John Cena's Attitude Adjustment

Best move ever by John Cena

Hey this is a cool one -Hussain

U guys are so stupid u don't know wwe at all the fu3 is his finisher STUPID

Its just great to see cena lift up his oppnent,and slam his back into the ground.the thing about it is its thrown form the back,which when any wrestlers picks someone one his back,even ryback,sheamus or brock lesner,there is a frenzy in the crowed.then it also has a great name,attitude adustment,short for AA.

10 Undertaker's Old School

Undertaker is my favorite WWE wrestler ever and always will be! This move would hurt your back really bad I mean, his elbow goes right into your back! OUCH!

I wish I went to see undertaker perform this move

Very very Old school.

Oh yeah

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11 Shawn Michael's Elbow

Get's the crowd going the most. this is what makes hbk the showstopper!

Hbk the showstopper

��Warning, better wear an armor and helmet

12 Stone Cold Stunner

THE best signature move ever... sad... I had to add - ravikanth

Others are dumber than a bag of rocks!

Stone colds stunner is awesome it's better than John Cena

It is the best move in wwe.all moves are listed above are dumb.i love stone cold steve austin. Hell yeah

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13 Jeff Hardy's Twist of Fate

The name suites the move and is not that easy to reverse

A great move and you need to have good reactions when he does the twist

Good reactions when he does it

An rko just better

14 Triple H's Spine Buster

Thats when you know the match is going to end.

I like doing this to my younger cousins on the grass they have strong heads (yes the're twins) - SmoothCriminal

This is a classic move. It is way better than Booman Beans' sUPERMAN PUNCH.


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15 Figure 4 Leg Lock (Ric Flair)
16 Undertaker's Tombstone

I love undertaker and tombstone I love it as my favourite move if there would be a comptitoin between moves 100% tombstone
would be ranked 1

17 Edge's Edgucation

It's a original signature

Original signigture

18 Goldberg's Spear

Goldberg is the best ever WWE superstar

No way way under rated,! Top 3 move of all time!

This is a finisher


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19 Shooting Star Press (John Morrison)


20 Kofi Kingston's Boom Drop

Hell yeah

I love kofi

21 Chris Jericho's Lionsault

Jeff Hardy's twist of fate

Nose breaker

It is so beautifil also when someone springboards it looks cool...

Jeri was a best,is the best,will be the best.Chris you r a unbeatable best super hero ever seen before.GO ON YOUR WAY.All the best

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22 Undertaker's Hells Gate

Ooooh... Its awesome...

23 Walls of Jericho (Chris Jericho)
24 Sheamus's Brogue Kick

I think he is best in the world not CM Punk

Your brogue kick is very good



25 Curbstomp (Seth Rollins)
26 Jeff Hardy's Swanton Bomb

Love Jeff hardy

Love this

27 Batistas Spine Buster

Running jump *opponent hits chair* thats gotta hurt

28 Triple H's Pedigree
29 Undertaker's Choke Slam

Undertaker's choke slam is better than...demon Kane

His choke slam is better than demon kane's

30 Edge's Spear

Best finishing move ever. 85% If Edge use this move he will win his matches. (except for matches don't need pin to finish like Last Man Standing, Stretcher)

31 Kane's Lariat Punch From the Turnbuckle

he jumps from the turnbuckle punches the guy then rolls! - nbaallstar


Kane is best

A of the best signature moves in wrestling history and Kane is also the greatest wrestler of all time.ThankYouKane

32 Daniel Bryan's Surfboard

I love this move

33 John Morrison's Chop

this and chris jerichos lionsault should be top 2 - nbaallstar

34 Master Lock (Chris Masters)
35 Alberto Del Rio's Step Up Enzuigiri
36 Rey Mysterio's 619

I love this move... Out of all the moves Rey Mysterio does...619 is the best!

Good but not best

I love it as best

I mean... come on!

37 Jeff Hardy's Alley Oop Facebuster
38 Dean Ambrose's Dirty Deeds

I dirty deeds my friend till his head bleeds (no kidding)

It's the best!

It has beaten ryback,big show, Chris Jericho, kevin Owens, Seth Rollinsetc.

39 Big Show's Camel Clutch
40 Big Show's Choke Slam
41 Undertaker's Stone Cold Stunner

Best signature move ever

Hey upper one is right

42 Brock Lesnar's F5

This is a finisher

It should be in top 3

This is the best move of the beast -Hussain

Should be in the top 5 it’s the bomb

43 Ryback's Meathook Clothesline
44 CM Punk's Anaconda Vise
45 The Rock's People's Elbow

Rock's spine buster is followed by Most electrifying signature move... People's elbow.



46 Randy Orton's Rope DDT

A cool and original ddt that is actually a finisher.

It's a cool move

47 Amaan ' Deaths Night Mare

He is the best. As he is the WWE cham for at least 52 times and heavyweight for 48 and others mostly 39 to 55 times. I know his finishers hurts on the whole body and huge on head.

48 CM Punk's Go to Sleep

CM Punk is one my favorite superstars and go to sleep is really good... I wish I could learn how to do it... Best move by CM Punk

49 Kevin Owens Popup Powerbomb
50 Hangman's DDT
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