Top 10 Signature Moves in WWE


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21 Chris Jericho's Lionsault

Jeff Hardy's twist of fate

Nose breaker

It is so beautifil also when someone springboards it looks cool...

Jeri was a best,is the best,will be the best.Chris you r a unbeatable best super hero ever seen before.GO ON YOUR WAY.All the best

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22 Undertaker's Hells Gate V 1 Comment
23 Sheamus's Brogue Kick

I think he is best in the world not CM Punk

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24 Walls of Jericho (Chris Jericho)
25 Curbstomp (Seth Rollins)
26 Jeff Hardy's Swanton Bomb V 2 Comments
27 Batistas Spine Buster

Running jump *opponent hits chair* thats gotta hurt

28 Triple H's Pedigree
29 Undertaker's Choke Slam

Undertaker's choke slam is better than...demon Kane

His choke slam is better than demon kane's

30 Kane's Lariat Punch From the Turnbuckle

he jumps from the turnbuckle punches the guy then rolls! - nbaallstar


Kane is best

A of the best signature moves in wrestling history and Kane is also the greatest wrestler of all time.ThankYouKane

31 Edge's Spear

Best finishing move ever. 85% If Edge use this move he will win his matches. (except for matches don't need pin to finish like Last Man Standing, Stretcher)

32 John Morrison's Chop

this and chris jerichos lionsault should be top 2 - nbaallstar

33 Daniel Bryan's Surfboard V 1 Comment
34 Rey Mysterio's 619

I love this move... Out of all the moves Rey Mysterio does...619 is the best!

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35 Master Lock (Chris Masters)
36 Alberto Del Rio's Step Up Enzuigiri
37 Jeff Hardy's Alley Oop Facebuster
38 Dean Ambrose's Dirty Deeds

I dirty deeds my friend till his head bleeds (no kidding)

It has beaten ryback,big show, Chris Jericho, kevin Owens, Seth Rollinsetc.

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39 Big Show's Camel Clutch
40 Big Show's Choke Slam
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