Most Significant Wars In Human History

The Top Ten Most Significant Wars In Human History

1 World War II

no doubt

2 World War I

I vote ww1 over ww2 because the first world war set the stage for the second one. Without it ww2 and many wars after wouldn't have happened.

3 Napoleonic War
4 Seven Years War
5 American Revolution
6 Thirty Years War
7 German Wars of Unification
8 American Civil War

Over 300,000 Northern soldiers were killed in the successful effort to eradicate slavery, and keep the Union together.

How is this above the korean war? Insignificant as can be

9 Korean War
10 Greco-Persian Wars

If the Persians had won, world history would have been very, very different.

The Contenders

11 Chinese Civil War
12 Spanish Reconquista
13 Crusades
14 Boer War
15 Punic War
16 Russian Revolution
17 English Civil War
18 Vietnam War
19 Polish-Soviet War
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