Top 10 Signs of a Bad Music Artist

Here's signs that a music artist might be terrible.

The Top Ten

1 The artist has either terrible vocal delivery or technique

This is quite common in all honesty.

Not all artists have to have technical ability to be good, they can have the creative ability to create music even if it isn’t complex.

2 The artist isn't creative or original

Especially if they ripoff someone else.

True, this indicates laziness to me, this is more important than anything in music.

3 The artist isn't talented at all

There are two kinds of talent, creative and technical, but some artists have neither.

Pretty obvious to be honest.

*Cough* Silento, Tyga, Zay Hilfiger, Soulja Boy *Cough* - christangrant

4 The sound to the artist's music is generic and uninspired

Boring and repetitive music in a nutshell.

Obvious to notice as well.

5 All of the artist's songs sound the same

A sign that that they're terrible overall.

I agree but there are some exceptions - christangrant

BOTDF, 6ix9ine, and Kodak Black in a nutshell.

Sometimes the songs sound the same because you aren't educated about that sort of music - Onion

Or all the songs sound the same because the artist has the same sound/ riffs every damn songs.

6 The vocalist either can't sing or over relies on auto tune
7 The vocalist lip syncs too much

Cough..cough..Ashlee Simpson

Britney Spears. - Metal_Treasure

This isn't good... to notice at all Wes Scantlin from POM is only one example of this.

Prime offender is Beyoncé.

8 The artist in general has ego or doesn't care about their fans

Actually I don't think it applies for all. Yngwie Malmsteen has a big ego. Joe Lynn Turner said, "There's No One More Self-Absorbed Than Yngwie Malmsteen". Ritchie Blackmore also has bad reputation about it. Ronnie James Dio said, "He doesn't care about people. You don't spit at your fans, you don't run into the car and go away from them, you don't sign autographs for your fans, they wait through all their time. That's what Ritchie did all the time". But that doesn't make Ritchie or Yngwie bad artists. Its simply their bad personalities. - zxm

Actually, Taylor Swift and Maroon 5 does care for their fans, but yes they do have an ego.

I remember hearing about one guy who didn't go to his own shows, and claimed to break up his group but like a year later released an album with them - EliHbk

*COUGH COUGH* Taylor Swift and Maroon 5 in general.

9 The artist sellouts for worse

A example of this being Bon Jovi selling out to make Country music.

10 The lyrics are terribly written

BOTDF, BrokenCyde, and 6ix9ine all fit this.

Another sign that a artist is bad right off the bad.

The Contenders

11 The artist adds popular internet trends in the songs just so they can get more money

Lil Pump in a nutshell, Gucci Gang is such an edgy song with trends in it.

Jake Paul?

12 Singing voice is artificial

*cough* Quavo *cough*

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