Top Ten Signs of Bad Weather in Cloud Formations

Read the title.

I didn’t put the obvious up here (cumulonimbus variations) because they are, well, obvious. I wanted to use cloud types that are NOT obvious.
However, if you want to put obvious stuff up here, that’s perfectly fine.

The Top Ten

1 Red Sky in the Morning

Means bad weather, showers in the afternoon. Caused by the sun’s light reflecting off of the water vapor in the clouds. - Camaro6

2 Altocumulus
3 Cirrus

Warns of a possible incoming front - Camaro6

4 Cumulus Congestus Cumulus Congestus
5 Cirrostratus

Can also warn of an incoming front, or possibly a hurricane, depending on the speed/velocity of the cloud, the thickness of the cloud, and the texture/color of the cloud. - Camaro6

6 Cumulus Mediocris Cumulus Mediocris

The reason I have this up here and don’t have cumulus humilius is because with Mediocris, you have a higher chance of storms in the afternoon, depending on when you see these clouds. If it is already noon, and the convection, humidity, and warmth is not high, then chances are it will not progress to cumulonimbus stage. However, if this cloud begins to form with high humidity, convection, and heat, in the mid-morning, then chances of a cumulonimbus stage is much higher. - Camaro6

7 Cirrus Radiatus Cirrus Radiatus
8 A Halo Around the Moon

Cirrostratus at night, basically. - Camaro6

If I correctly remember, the sign means:
1) yellow-ish halo: rain
2) pink-ish/red-ish halo: strong winds - Metal_Treasure

Yes, you are correct. The strength of the color and thickness determines the severity of the rain/strong winds as well. - Camaro6

9 Cirrus Fibratus
10 Altostratus Altostratus

Can warn of an incoming front/hurricane. - Camaro6

The Contenders

11 Cirrocumulus
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