Top 10 Signs a Song is Your Favorite Song

I am not saying this is an exact list. I am just stating these things from my experiences. I have seen these things in people. I have also seen it in me. These things can be seen into you too.

Anyway, I hope you liked the list. I tried my best. Thanks for reading it :)

The Top Ten

1 You listen to it every day

This is pretty obvious. There are few songs that you listen everyday. More or less I am sure those are one of your favorite songs. I mean who won't listen his/her favorite song(s) everyday. - zxm

There's several I've listened to most days for months now, yet they still sound just as fresh as they did on the first play. - Entranced98

2 You don't get bored with the song

A while ago I've had a song on loop for 10-12 hours and didn't get tired of it. Doing that for a month made me get a little tired of the song. - wrests

Yes, I think this is true. - Metal_Treasure

No matter for how much time you listen to the song(s), you don't get bored with the song(s) (usually). sometimes it may bore you, but its for a short time. - zxm

3 You want your friends/relatives to listen the song

You introduce your friends/relatives to those songs. You want people to listen those songs, you want people to like those songs. - zxm

4 You always praise the song

As for me it was High Hopes by Pink Floyd. I have always praised the song. You want to show people you love those songs. - zxm

5 You deeply analyze every element of the song

I do this more often that the other things on this list. - Metal_Treasure

The solo, the drum beats, the vocals, the riffs, the basslines etc. Doesn't matter what kind of the song is, even if it is an ordinary song (I mean doesn't have solos, riff, bass etc) still you analyze everything that is in the song(s). - zxm

6 You consider the song as one of the greatest songs

I do, everybody does. that's why I think Best Song is always subjective. - zxm

7 You start to like the genre

Couldn't help it after I heard Muddy Waters' Forty Days and Forty Nights. I'm a little bit addicted and my family are a little bit tired of me being a little bit addicted. - Britgirl

I have seen it in common. If you like a song very much, slowly you may become a big fan of the genre(s). - zxm

8 You memorize the lyrics

By memorizing I meant for listening a song over and over you already know the lyrics. - zxm

9 You keep singing the song

Tfw one of your favorite songs is instrumental ;-; - wrests

I keep mumbling about my favorite songs everywhere. especially when I am in relaxed mood. I also keep mumbling about the songs that are not my favorite songs. but my favorite songs more. - zxm

10 You get offended if someone criticizes the song

On last, cause I wasn't able to find any good reason. But I have seen it. You may get offended, I used "may" because you also may not get offended. but I am sure you won't like the criticisms about the songs. - zxm

Also it doesn't mean you are expressing your feelings. you may conceal it. - zxm

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1. You consider the song as one of the greatest songs
2. You listen to it every day
3. You start to like the genre
1. You listen to it every day
2. You want your friends/relatives to listen the song
3. You always praise the song



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