Top Ten Signs We're Headed Towards Dystopia

The truth is, with some of these items, people think they're good things, but just think about them.

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1 The world is becoming more accepting of things we know are morally wrong

"Heading Towards Dystopia". I like it. TIME TO MAKE A ROCK BAND. - RiverClanRocks

Heading toward it? We're teetering on the edge right now.

2 Technology is advancing

I don't see how this is bad, as long as it doesn't control us or the world. - RiverClanRocks

It already DOES control us and the world.

3 Science has found ways to genetically modify organisms
4 Mental illness is becoming more common
5 Schools are pushing testing a lot more
6 The Internet connects people around the world with each other
7 Some countries are facing economic corruption V 1 Comment
8 People are pushing political correctness and equal rights more
10 No one seems to be doing anything to try and change people

Except Megadeth, who;s album dystopia that we were headed too changed hearts. - Metal2003

The Contenders

11 Leadership is given to those who don't deserve it

The best example of this is in the United States (In the next few years of course). Whether Clinton or Trump wins, America's reputation would be tainted nonetheless. And America isn't the only exception. Several developing countries have been run by corrupt or inexperienced politicians, so it's no wonder there would be a lot of world leaders who aren't appealing to both critics and the public's viewpoint, yet would still get nominated (Maybe due to to cheating method, such as rigging an election). - CrimsonShark

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1. The world is becoming more accepting of things we know are morally wrong
2. Technology is advancing
3. Science has found ways to genetically modify organisms



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