Signs You Are a Boring Individual


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1 People Prefer Paperclips to You
2 More Than Forty People State the Fact to Your Face

Only twenty-seven people so far... - Britgirl

3 People Yawn In Your Face, Even If You Are Not Talking to Them
4 Fall Asleep at the Mention of Your Name

This would be a strong sign - Ned964

5 You Hunt Around for the Cheapest Toilet Cleaner Brand and Get Excited When You Find One.

P. W: I am a woman (despite my top ten name) and women get excited over these things. It's great when you find a cheap product that actually works.

It's a financial advantage to find the best value for any product, but getting excited about it is just too weird. - PositronWildhawk

Yes, I'll hold my hand up to this. I'm guilty. What more can I say? - Britgirl

6 You Watch Sci-fi

Why do people that like Sci - fi are boring? I love sci - fi, and come on, who doesn't?

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7 You Think Spiderman Is a God
8 No One Recognizes You On a Second Meeting
9 People Sit On Your Lap Because They Don't Know You're There
10 You Don't Create Top Ten Lists

The Contenders

11 You Get Bored Easily

Sadly I do randomly get Bored - Curti2594

12 You Keep Putting Justin Bieber References On New Lists

I agree with B.G. and P.W. it's getting annoying.

It also makes you a horrible person. - MoldySock

13 You Don't Appreciate Justin Beiber

Who keeps adding JB to EVERY SINGLE NEW LIST?!?! The fact that people keep doing that is worthy of this list! - PositronWildhawk

Who the hell keeps doing this? NO, I DO NOT APPRECIATE THIS GIRLBOY AND THUS AM PLEASED TO BE BORING! Now will you bog off? - Britgirl

14 You Care What Others Think of You
15 You're Not Into Anything Kinky

I definitely know who added this... - Britgirl

16 You Try to Be Someone Else
17 You love to make fun of others.
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