Signs You Are a Boring Individual


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1 People Prefer Paperclips to You

From my experience, some people'd rather handle bills than talk to me.
Which essentially makes them boring individuals by comparison. - Rocko

2 More Than Forty People State the Fact to Your Face

Well, millions have told me this already, but it was over the internet, so TECHNICALLY, it wasn't to my face...
Was it? - Rocko

Only twenty-seven people so far... - Britgirl

3 People Yawn In Your Face, Even If You Are Not Talking to Them
4 Fall Asleep at the Mention of Your Name

That'd be some conversation starter. "I know how to make people fall unconsious! " - Rocko

5 You Hunt Around for the Cheapest Toilet Cleaner Brand and Get Excited When You Find One.

P. W: I am a woman (despite my top ten name) and women get excited over these things. It's great when you find a cheap product that actually works.

I don’t shop for toilet cleaner. - saturatedsunrise

It's a financial advantage to find the best value for any product, but getting excited about it is just too weird. - PositronWildhawk

Yes, I'll hold my hand up to this. I'm guilty. What more can I say? - Britgirl

6 You Watch Sci-fi

Why do people that like Sci - fi are boring? I love sci - fi, and come on, who doesn't?

I love Sci-fic. I'll ask my friends do they find me boring. - Kiteretsunu

7 You Think Spiderman Is a God
8 No One Recognizes You On a Second Meeting
9 People Sit On Your Lap Because They Don't Know You're There

I guess that would be the case. I can't say anyone's ever sat on my lap for any other reason... - Rocko

10 You Don't Create Top Ten Lists

I make bad lists!

The Contenders

11 You Get Bored Easily

Sadly I do randomly get Bored - Curti2594

12 You Keep Putting Justin Bieber References On New Lists

I agree with B.G. and P.W. it's getting annoying.

It also makes you a horrible person. - MoldySock

13 You Don't Appreciate Justin Beiber

Who keeps adding JB to EVERY SINGLE NEW LIST?!?! The fact that people keep doing that is worthy of this list! - PositronWildhawk

14 You Care What Others Think of You
15 You're Not Into Anything Kinky

I definitely know who added this... - Britgirl

16 You Try to Be Someone Else
17 You love to make fun of others.
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