Top Ten Signs That You Are Depressed

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Fascinated with self-poisoning
Feeling like you are ready to cry
Trying to jump off a building

Why do you have to

Screaming loudly from the top of your lungs for attention
Tears running down to your eyes
You feel insane on the inside and suicidal on the outside

Suicidal...on the outside...? I don't get what you mean. - Elina

When you get half-insane and half-suicidal. Some people wanted to have crippling depression. - DynastiNoble

Feeling like you are ready to cut your wrists

I just did... Why can't I have a good day without tyrants plaguing me with such wretchedness? My anxiety disorder...has...triumphed over me... - Kevinsidis

Feeling gloomy

The feeling is most often felt at night, just when you are about to fall asleep. You'll think about darkness and everything that's associated with it. You'll think of the hundred things that could go wrong, people you'd lose and how you'd fail in life. You may also feel gloomy when you're alone. The best thing to do is to seek therapy but don't force yourself if you're uncomfortable with it. Talk to someone, go out with supportive people, travel to someplace, read some books and do something you enjoy doing. Whatever you do, always remember that 'this too shall pass'.

Ready to hang yourself

A waste of your life and a stupid thing to do

Addicted to a suicide hotline

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Feeling worthless and hating yourself
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