Top Ten Signs You are an Indecisive Individual

The Top Ten

1 You came to check this list to see if any of the items relate to you

You may be right... - Misfire

Oh dear... I think you're right... I AM an indecisive individual! - Rocko

Oh, well then... - saturatedsunrise

Well played - kempokid

2 You have to ask someone to choose a password for you

My mom won't let me choose my own passwords...

That’s not a good idea, because then, they could hack you! - saturatedsunrise

3 You cry when you enter a room full of empty chairs

That hasn’t happened to me. Lol. - saturatedsunrise

4 You faint if someone asks you your favourite something

There are many things I enjoy in life but when it comes to people, I do not "switch". I like many people; some I'm even attracted to but I know who my favourite is. Ask me who my favourite person (aside from family and two best friends) is and I'll answer: "It's the same Unforgettable person it has been since 2016." I really don't ever see that changing. Too bad for me, I'm no one's "favorite". - Britgirl

I can't say I have a single favourite person, but you're certainly one of mine - PetSounds

My family is always teasing me about how I say every food "might be my favourite." It's pretty hard to argue with the dish on your plate at any given moment. - PetSounds

We all have a very decisive taste in music, but when someone asks us what our favourite song is, we just stand there like an idiot - styLIShT

I would just answer the question! - saturatedsunrise

5 You shake at the Mix 'n' Match counter

What’s that? - saturatedsunrise

6 You wear the same clothes every day

Was good enough for Einstein.

That’s bad hygiene. - saturatedsunrise

7 You'd rather die than reach a crossroads in your life
8 Your "lucky" number changes every day

Thirty-nine? - Misfire

Mine stays the same. - saturatedsunrise

9 You can't decide which item to vote for

I just voted on whatever so that I could comment. - Misfire

For all we know, there could have been millions of people who have gone through this list already, seen this one - realising how it relates to them - but never ended up voting because they couldn't be sure which item to vote for. - Rocko

I voted for the first item so I could comment on it. - saturatedsunrise

10 You mutter "err..." before answering the simplest of questions

I don’t do this! - saturatedsunrise

The Contenders

11 You have crushes on different people and switch favorites!

Well... - Misfire

Quite a lot of fun when you're young actually. - PetSounds

12 You have a difficult time choosing what you want to eat

That's me!

Mom/Dad: What would you like to have for lunch/dinner? <insert Option 1 here> or <insert Option 2 here>
Me: Both!
Mom/Dad: You can't have both!

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