Top Ten Signs You Are Listening To Bad Music

The Top Ten Signs You Are Listening To Bad Music

1 It has more than a billion views on YouTube

I know what you say, but 80% of songs with more than a billion views sound the same (Closer, Girls Like You, Bad Blood), and some make no sense without watching the video (Roar). Numb reached a billion a few weeks ago, but you see the point of this item. - Alkadikce

For the ones who don't agree: I added this item because of the following billion songs: Sugar, Shake It Off, Roar, Thinking Out Loud, Lean On (! ), Closer, Work From Home, Worth It (! ), Watch Me, Girls Like You, Hotline Bling, On The Floor, Firework, Bad Blood, Don't Let Me Down, Gentleman and any reggaeton song (sorry if I included somebody's favorite). It is much harder to collect the good ones. - Alkadikce

It could be a sign your listening to good music, as well. Look at "Numb" from Linkin Park, for example. - RandomThings

Many good songs that deserve 1 billion views are not even close to 1 billion views while crappy songs do. - KillerQueen1774

2 The singer is twerking

Nowadays singers don't need talent, they just need to twerk and try to look attractive in the video to get views and gain in popularity. - RogerMcBaloney

Let's be honest here: they don't even need to be attractive, just have a good surgeon and make-up artist. - Alkadikce

If your music is good, you don't need tricks like this to sell your music. Are you offering music or sex? - Metal_Treasure

I loathe twerking. - LightningStrike

Y'all need to get educated on african culture - Luckys

3 The rapper mumbles

*cough cough* Drake *cough cough*

4 The chorus starts with 'I love you' and ends with 'Yes Yes Yes'

LOL. I know exactly what you mean. - Metal_Treasure

I don’t know that song but this is funny - CadenwithaC

5 The lyrics are grammatically incorrect

There are so many great songs which have grammatically incorrect lyrics; It doesn't mean they're bad songs at all. - Britgirl

I heard a song on the radio that says something like "You're the dutch and I'm the duchess". - Misfire

Although it doesn’t necessarily make the song bad, it is a little bit of a throw off when they use incorrect grammar in their songs. - 3DG20

This rule is usually true in my country for songs in our mother tongue. It might not be like that in English. - Alkadikce

6 The singer is semi-naked

I agree with most of the reasons on this list but there are some amazing female artists out there (mostly old or underground) that are semi naked. Whoever added this, probably just looks at the recent top 10 billboard. - MemeTheKeem

Good music doesn't need sexual images to be sold. - Metal_Treasure

Oversexualized singers should not be semi naked in videos because no one wants to see sexual people in good song's music videos - KillerQueen1774

Depends though if it's a guy - RylinB

7 The lyrics are bad

Not neccessarily. Stairway to Heaven's lyrics are also pretty dumb, and most jazz songs have very silly lyrics due to improvisation. - Alkadikce

Dumb or random lyrics doesn't mean that the lyrics are bad though - germshep24

8 The song starts with 'La la la' and ends with 'La la la la la'
9 The guitarist is beating the guitar with his fist in the music video, the drummer's head is upside down and several neonlights are flickering

Great music can be sold without circus like this. - Alkadikce

Wait, what? Lmao - Misfire

10 It talks about sex/drugs

It's sad that most rappers nowadays pretty much only talk about those topics or of how much money they have. - RogerMcBaloney

Lucy in the sky with diamonds!
Why don't we do it in the road?
Look at me, I got a case of body language.
Lool the last two songs I referenced are my guilty pleasures. Nobody shall stop me from listening to them! - Misfire

Some people say Comfortably Numb is about drugs as well. And Mozart wrote a song Lech mich I'm Arsch (lick me in the a**)

Edit: a robot admin changed "i'm" to I'm. - Alkadikce

At least older songs that talked about sex and drugs weren't so inappropiate - KillerQueen1774

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11 You like the album cover better than the song itself

Two words: St. Anger - Alkadikce

12 The YouTube comments are all "2018?" even though the song is from 2017

YouTube comments don't determine song quality. It just determines fanbase quality.

It doesn't mean too much good if they are already being afraid of people not watching it any more. - Alkadikce

ANYONE 2018? - AlphaQ

But comments don’t define talent! - CadenwithaC

But sometimes they show what kind of people are listening to that kind of music. In Wish You Were Here's comment section, everybody is talking about dead family members - Alkadikce

13 You always know which sound comes next
14 You listen to the song for the beat, not for the lyric

This doesn't mean the song is bad though, just that you don't care if the song is good or bad because your not paying attention to it - germshep24

If I am listening to a song in a foreign language... - Alkadikce

I do both - Luckys

That’s what I mostly do when I listen to rap music. - Userguy44

15 You are thinking about playing it in a senior club

This is how I felt like when I was listening to a The Moody Blues album, although I secretly loved it. - Alkadikce

16 You don't like the song

No, not always true. Most people don't like classical music but it doesn't mean Pavarotti has sung bad music or Paganini has played bad music. - Metal_Treasure

Just because you don't like a song doesn't mean that it is bad everyone has different musical tastes, some people enjoy rock, some jazz. some rap, some R&B, just because you don't like rap doesn't mean that it is bad same is true for other types of music mentioned.

On the other hand if it is a song that you dislike from a genre or band you love then it probably is a bad song - germshep24

Seems obvious. - Userguy44

17 You like the video clip better than the song itself
18 The singer uses Autotune

I'd rather listen to an autotuned voice than a weak, forgettable that needs autotune to sound decent, although I listen to neither when it is possible. - Alkadikce

K-pop singers in a nutshell. - RogerMcBaloney

A little bit of autotune won’t hurt anything. I’m sure a lot of my favourite singers probably use it, but if it’s to the point the singer is relying on it to make their voice sound good, then there’s a problem. - 3DG20

19 Awful/predictable rhymes

Examples: love-life, (nowhere to) run-(nowhere to) hide, two words ending in -tion, baby-crazy, you-you - Alkadikce

20 The most common pronoun is the N-word
21 The singer uses voice synthesizers

I have tried to include more original items, not the usual twerking, autotune, sex, drugs etc., but it seems people want to read the same everywhere - Alkadikce

22 You've already come up with its melody when giving birth to your child

Exception: The Great Gig in the Sky. - Alkadikce

23 You want to listen to it at the gym

That's personal preference. I like to jog listening to some rock. - Swellow

But how does this show that you are listening to a bad song? If I'm at the gym I would listen to Iron Maiden, Metallica, Slayer, Pantera, Powerwolf, Megadeth, Judas Priest, Rammstein, etc. Absolutely none of those bands are terrible. - germshep24

I don't like any music which is otherwise great to listen while doing a physical activity. - Alkadikce

I don't see anything wrong with that. Jogging with Iron Maiden can improve your results. - Metal_Treasure

24 Half-naked women in the video

That's pretty much all we see in music videos. Sensuality was always a very efficient tactic for selling things. Just look at some commercials that use half-naked women to make products look more appealing. - RogerMcBaloney

I saw a Polyphia music video. The band was just playing, but at some points there were clips of a busty woman walking around. WHY? Nothing to do with the music! (Instrumental Progressive Metal). - JoLeKosovo

25 The song was barely released and everyone knows it

Just because people know a song, that doesn't mean it’s bad! That doesn't even make sense! - sadical

26 The song doesn't make you want to dance
27 At a concert the singer is always quiet
28 The first lyric is "yeah" or "uh"
29 The first vocalization is a metal growl
30 It has a featured rapper who hypes themselves
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