Top Ten Signs That You Are In Major Need of a Social Life

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1 You resolve disputes by fighting with Rock'em Sock'em toys

What are those - sadical

Ask any top tenner who was on here before 2014 will know that I'm not a hater. I'm actually a semi-nerd myself :) I just like making fun of socially inept people - CityGuru

Hah, you're just a nerd hater. Nerds are the best in school and it seems you're jealous and think that talking to people is more important than being smart, bruh.

2 Your Volkswagen can turn into a replica of Bumblebee

Not only is it nerdy, it's copyright. Try explaining that to the Activision lawyers. - CityGuru

That would be impressive! - Turkeyasylum

3 Your dog is named Einstein

I don't have a dog

For those of you who get the reference, well. Number 11 on my list. - CityGuru

4 You create a Science Fair project on Minecraft

Who needs the wave-particle studies of light. Let's do one on passive mobs! - CityGuru

Oh god 2 kids in my science class did this, and yeah, they're in desperate need of a social life.
😥 - Jackdhsushsh

5 You classify people by their Hogwarts personalities

I do this a lot. Trust me. I need a social life. - PianoQueen

6 You wear 3D glasses and clogs

Seriously, who would wear clogs? - CityGuru

I desperately need a social life.
Hey, have you been following me?! - Britgirl

7 You do jumping jacks, after each jack you recite one place of pi.

WHAT IS THIS - sadical

8 You take place in a Pi Reciting contest

I eat pie, not recite it. - sadical

Us nerds cannot fit much into our digestive tracts, therefore we recite Pi instead of eating it. What fun!, - CityGuru

9 You read Manga and watch Manga of famous physicists

As for slice of life manga based on this, that will be pretty interesting. - Kiteretsunu

How interesting, Max Planck fighting robot sword swallowers! - CityGuru

10 You never say Serious without adding "black" at the end

Almost as bad as confusing basketball and curling. Please no.

Thanks for reading! - CityGuru

Literally you are watching me from a bush. - keycha1n

I do this! I need a social life. - Miauzer

Story of my life. - PianoQueen

The Contenders

11 You have no friends in real life, but tons online

I have more friends in real life than online. - sadical

= me. - Miauzer

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