Signs You are Obsessed with Anime

This list will prove to you that you might be obsessed with anime

The Top Ten

1 It's all you ever talk about

Anytime a friend brings up a random word and you start a conversation about an anime - Manlypants

I don't seem to fit under these signs... Because I hate anime - SpectralOwl

2 If you were broke you'd spend all your money on merchandise

This is true for almost anyone - Manlypants

I would do that for Halsey merchandise.

3 You constantly draw the characters from the show

I usually draw my own anime characters, but sometimes I draw characters from animes. - AnimeDrawer

One item on your shopping list is a new sketch book - Manlypants

4 You count the characters as your husbands or wives
5 Cosplaying is your #2 hobby

Besides watching anime of course - Manlypants

6 You'd want to live in the same era as the anime

I don't even have to mention one of my favorite anime franchises and you'd already know the anime era I'd live in is closer to our time than you think. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

No matter how scary or romantic you wanna be there - Manlypants

7 You know all the words to all the themes
8 You prefer the language in Japanese rather than English

Hearing the English dub will ruin the anime - Manlypants

9 You like anime more than people

People can't be trusted but anime can - Manlypants

10 You boast on how much anime you watch

Either 2 or 37 you like to brag about it - Manlypants

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