Top 10 Signs that You are Over Hyped When It Comes to Pokemon Sun and Moon

Pokemon Sun and Moon is a very anticipated and hyped game that will be released in November as of right now. Possibly the most hype Pokemon games ever created. But how do you know that you are too buried in the hype?

NOTE: This list is supposed to be ironic. The irony is 100% intentional.

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1 You can't stop talking about Pokemon Sun and Moon

I was so hyped when the games came out! SQUEE!

That is me

2 Your friends are getting annoyed because you can't shut up about Pokemon Sun and Moon

Me too

3 You are making top 10 lists about Pokemon Sun and Moon
4 You are over analyzing everything you see in the video trailers and corocoro
5 You are looking so deep into possible leaks that you will believe any kind of rumor and invest your time into hyping about it

Okay, the chinese leaks and rumors are closer to being legit but that doesn't mean we should stop being skeptical. Just because there is a rumor that is slightly correct does not mean it's 100% credible. There were times where people predicted some things correctly about XY but not all of it was correct. Some stuff about the rumors may be correct, but it's very unlikely that all of it will be. Sometimes predicting stuff correctly isn't that hard to do considering there is so many things that Gamefreak hasn't done with Pokemon yet. I mean I've been hoping for a ghost/fairy type in this gen and it easily became true. - Ruee

You know the rumors I'm talking about. I personally don't believe them at all, I've been skeptical about unconfirmed leaks ever since the Pokemon XY hype. But there are people who do believe those rumors.(Just be careful about believing it because you will either be disappointed or won't feel surprised at all if it's real. Be wary of rumors and unconfirmed leaks.) - Ruee

The demo leaked a LOT of new pokemon so look at them as much as you want and new pikachu may be my new favorite

6 You have gen 7 Pokemon or characters as your profile picture

Like you, Ruee? Lol

7 You are thinking of what you want to see in the Pokemon Sun and Moon anime

If I get mallow in the Anime I will die a happy man.

Don't replace Serena

Why is everyone judging this book by its cover and hope ash brings greninja

It looks boring, school is already boring especially after runner up in kalos and no sign of greninja as it loved ash:(

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8 You are drawing fan art and even making fake evolutions to imagine what the Pokemon could possibly evolve into
9 You will defend the newly announced Pokemon that are widely hated

I am not against this by the way. Even with Pokemon like Popplio. Popplio does not deserve it AT ALL. We don't even know its evolutions or potential yet and you are all judging it because it's based off a clown seal. Do you guys remember the hate Froakie got because it was "ugly"? and then became the most popular pick of a starter when people realized how much of a monster Greninja turned out to be? Don't quickly judge a Pokemon so harshly by it's reveal within a trailer because in the future, it may royally bite you in the ass. It has happen countless times, yet no one learns from it. - Ruee

Speaking of Popplio those chinese leaks of the final evolutions might be real and if they are you better apologize to Popplio because it becomes so gorgeous. Be careful on who you call ugly in middle school. - Ruee

Thanks to Poppilio's Second Evolution,he gets even more hate now. For it looks 'too feminine'.I have to admit Torracat is badass and Dartrix is okay,but no matter how stupid Poppilio's second or final evolution looks,I will choose him for Sun and Moon.

10 You are blogging about the hype

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11 You are making fan made plushies as soon as you learn about the new Pokemon

This is actually happening. I don't know how they are making plushies so quickly, but they are doing it. - Ruee

12 You are praying that Litten doesn't become bipedal when it evolves

Oh man! I really hope this doesn't happen!

13 You are making posts, videos, etc. on what you hope to see in Pokemon Sun and Moon

In the games, isn't the player character supposed to be new to the Alola region? Like they just moved there or something? So, regarding the anime, wouldn't it be awesome if the new female traveling companion wasn't a newbie?

14 You are potentially spoiling the game for yourself
15 You are so hyped that the constant Pokemon Sun and Moon news is making you tired and maybe a bit nutty
16 You are making fake leaks
17 You become obsessed with the newly announced Pokemon

You know what I just thought of? We need a Hummingbird Pokemon! And the Alola region would be the perfect place to introduce one!

They should make it green and some other pretty color. It being a grass/fairy type would be neat.

18 You are making theories and speculations about the games
19 You look at all the spoilers that someone leaked about the game

ME. I DID THIS. I'M IN REGRET BUT MORE EXCITED THAN EVER. Pokemon Sun and Moon are great games. - Ruee

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