Top 10 Signs You are Stupid


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1 You don't know how to tie your shoes

It took me until I was 11. - sadical

Is it bad that tying shoes is difficult for me! Ah, I'm an idiot...

2 You try to eat pizza with your butt

Good afternoon, you eat pizza with a spoon. - sadical

I think that this would basically be a sign that you are not even human - Mcgillacuddy

What that will never happen - ikerevievs

That isn't even possible. - Kaboom

3 You don't know how to spell

O wel I no how too spel - sadical

4 You think your legs are raccoons
5 You try to stick your fist down your throat
6 You watch TV while you beat your sister with a book
7 You fall for the if your hand is bigger than your face joke
8 You get scared of yourself

Some of these people can't help it though. - Userguy44

9 You try to put your own wiener in your mouth
10 You cry when somebody says hi to you


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11 You create a list named top ten signs you’re Stupid!
12 You run into something, fall down, and never get up
13 You don’t know what 1+1 =

It’s 11 of course. - sadical

14 You don’t know what a meme is
15 You fall down when you fart
16 You only help people that are trying to kill you

Don't wanna say something about this. - Userguy44

17 You slip over a banana peel every two seconds
18 You try to shave your armpits with a sword
19 You spank yourself after you do something bad


20 You try to be Asian

Okay this is honestly a bit racist - Mcgillacuddy

21 You lock yourself in a room with a murderer
22 You want to die because someone broke up with you
23 When you have a fortnite profile picture

Oh, well I do, that means I’m stupid! - sadical

24 You watch Dora when you're 20 years old
25 You play baseball with a baby
26 You go to jail
27 You pee on your dad while singing Waterfalls by TLC
28 You swallow a lightbulb so you can be bright
29 You cry too much

What if you can't help it? - Userguy44

30 You walk up to a gang of Crips or Bloods and shout the N word
31 You eat 72 bags of potato chips per second

Is this possible? - sadical

32 You got fired at McDonald's
33 You are a Belieber who doesn't think Justin Bieber has done anything wrong

Fangirls. - Userguy44

34 You stick a pencil in your eye when you try to kill people
35 You think five is a big number
36 You can only answer two questions, instead of three
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1. You don't know how to tie your shoes
2. You try to eat pizza with your butt
3. You don't know how to spell
1. You fall for the if your hand is bigger than your face joke
2. You get scared of yourself
3. You cry when somebody says hi to you


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