Top Ten Signs You are Watching a Bad Movie

The Top Ten Signs You are Watching a Bad Movie

Santa Claus's dark hair is visible under his wig

I only saw this in a real-life dressed up Santa in a Christmas fair. - Alkadikce

You're not enjoying it

No. Not everything is bad because you don't like it. - Alkadikce

It makes you want to dramatically tear your hair out
You'd rather die of constipation then continue watching
The jokes didn't make you laugh
The third bomb in a row is exploding just a second after the hero passes it

Clip clop clip clop BOOM clip clop clip clop nothing happened. You'd better try with some caesium and water. - Alkadikce

Annoying character never shuts up
It was intended to be bad

There are movies that were made with the purpose of creating the worst, and this challenge is surprisingly completed most of the time - Alkadikce

You See Old White People Dancing To Hip Hop

Every bad comedy movie has this scene. - THC13

It's the sequel of a movie that did not have a cliffhanger in the end

Most of the time when the plot is closed in the first film, the second is only the same story again (Home Alone) or some weak plotless chaos (Babe). - Alkadikce

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The male lead is in love with the female lead

At first sight they don't really like each other, than notice more and more sweet things together. Suddenly the man says "I love you" and kisses her very fast than runs away and etc. etc. We have all seen something like this. - Alkadikce

Here's an example: Titanic.

The protagonist treats his enemies in the same evil way as the villain

There are some books and movies where we are told which one is the good side but they are equally cruel towards each other - Alkadikce

There's bad CGI
There is one or two female character and they are just in the plot to be loved by somebody

90% of movies. Women in films are usually nothing but targets of love, they don't do anything else. It's very rare that a woman is put in the plot on her own, not for a romantic plotline - Alkadikce

Suddenly everything turns black

This means you fell asleep. Maybe your dreams will be more exciting than the film. - Alkadikce

Every character is super handsome/beautiful

These movies are not bad because every character is handsome/beautiful. The two just go together. - Alkadikce

All visuals and no plot
The characters are either whispering or shouting

Mainly older films are like this - Alkadikce

The main characters are emojis

Should be number 1


It's a movie containing interference
It's purely an advertising tool/vehicle in movie form and has little or so soul whatsoever

Basically The Emoji Movie...

Vampires sparkle in the sun
All the characters are ugly food mascots
Barney The Dinosaur is in it

Make sure you keep adding these generic items. Barney is in it, Justin Bieber is in it, Caillou is in it, Sanjay is in it, Nicki Minaj is in it, Limp Bizkit is in it, Stephenie Meyer is in it, North Korea is in it, Donald Trump is in it etc. - Alkadikce

Justin Bieber is in it
Caillou is in it
It's pretentious trash

Tree of Life, Spirited Away, Pan's Labyrinth, Synecdoche New York...anything that's dull and boring but the critics eat up.

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