Top Ten Signs You Have a Bad Neighbor

Do you fear your neighbors or hate them? This list talks about the signs of having a bad neighbor, not necessarily the worst types of people that can be neighbors or the most annoying things overall, just the signs the neighbor next door could be bad.
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1 They act like they own the street

Basically the vigilantes, the ones who like to think the whole street belongs to them and should follow their rules.

2 Their home smells awful
3 They steal your mail

Had this happen a few times. What are you trying to get from my mail?

4 They have a pet which is obnoxiously loud

My neighbors have 3 dogs. It is almost impossible to go to and from my house without them barking at you.

I had a neighbor who's dog kept barking in the middle of the night preventing anyone from sleeping.

5 They spy on you

Wow. Had this creepy neighbor lady who spied on me and my daughter (among other neighbors). Then she teamed up with another lady and they went out on spying forays together. Everyone else knew it and while they were uncomfortable with it, they just kind of accepted it. Not me. Lets just say that their predictable bad behavior was met with some unpredictably bad responces. No one was physically harmed, but they were scared, no doubt. It gave me the chills to think of those creepy hags again. We moved and I had forgotten all about them. But what weird neighbors.

Almost similar to the one about stealing mail, except possibly creepier.

6 They throw too many parties

This is a weird item and it seems like it doesn't belong here it makes the neighbor seem very popular BUT I tend to avoid parties for good reasons and there could be some shady stuff going on in them.

7 They live completely alone

You may not think that a neighbor is bad because of this but think about it, the neighbor in question does not have a spouse, a kid, or a pet, and is completely alone. Something is amiss with this kind of neighbor if they are alone all the time. What it is is anyone's guess.

Maybe everyone in their family died of cancer.

8 They don't take care of their yard

Lawn care is important, whether you mow lawns yourself or get services, do it so that people don't think your house looks crazy.

9 They play a lot of loud noises from their home
10 They keep ringing your doorbell and asking for stuff
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11 They borrow your stuff and never bring it back
12 They play loud music
13 They complain about their neighbors
14 They are middle aged and living alone
15 They don't help you in times of need
16 They are racist
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