Top 10 Signs You Have a Bad Username

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1 It’s based on something you used to like but you don’t anymore

Yeah, I used to like invading clouds but not anymore. - CloudInvasion

For me, kinda, I'm just not as in to HBK anymore. Its not about HBK anymore really, its just to keep me from calling myself just "Eli" - EliHbk

Many famous users even admit to this. - htoutlaws2012

I go by SuperGreninja 3482 now but I have to show up as "Jake09" - Jake09

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2 It’s a babyish username from when you were little

Maybe it was your love for that, but then as time goes by do you still find it that appealing? - htoutlaws2012

Awesomedp900. Weird... - awesomedp900

666Lucifer666. Weird... - EliHbk

CuteBerry1220. Weird... - TheFourthWorld

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3 It was taken so you replaced one letter with another

This goes two ways impersonation of someone famous, or you like the username, and even they aren't that poorly received as one would suggest. - htoutlaws2012

Mine is actually not taken. It was INTENTIONAL ohohoho. Actually it's themed after how several nu metal bands did their misspellings. - NuMetalManiak

Htoutiaws2012! Hooray! - TheFourthWorld

This is not mine just fyi - B0S5J4M3S

4 It’s just one punctuation mark

"! " is probably the worst username ever. - TheFourthWorld

lol - B0S5J4M3S

That’s really sad

What if your username was “.” and someone commented on a list of worst people “I hate this person.” and the user called “.” thought that the comment was directed towards them.

5 It’s just random letters

1010191082092890... what is that skynet A.I trying to be an ad or something what? - htoutlaws2012

Imagine if your username was rhijdefhmjtswsguu

Badfoghohoghbghbghghb the great - EliHbk

6 It alternates capital and lowercase

That or someone intentionally tries to incorrectly type in your username in this style. - htoutlaws2012

I think that looks cool

ThEfOuRtHwOrLd... no thanks. - TheFourthWorld

It bothers me to see this type of username. This is how mine would look:
That’s so weird, I can barely read my username like this. It sucks

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7 It doesn’t describe you

Some people think that me being an antimatter predatory bird is a little far-fetched. - PositronWildhawk

Picturing the persona the username goes by is how I wanna really give it a go that this individual really does have something to them. - htoutlaws2012

Well I have a bad username then... - CaptainMowzker

Mine describes me because I like the album Badlands. I prefer Hopeless Fountain Kingdom, but majestichopelessfountainqueen is too long.

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8 You have numbers in place of letters in your username thinking that it would be cool

Ahhh, Man this is with my username but just 1 word - B1ueNew

Mar10N1nja101, I think this is how mine would look. It looks dumb

311H8k doesn't look cool to me. At least not my name. - EliHbk

T6nde5r7l4n5678s would just look weird - thunderclanrocks

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9 It has words to a lullaby

You don't need to fill in all 20+ empty spaces into a jumble of mess. - htoutlaws2012

10 Your username is the same as your password

You are asking for some serious intent to be lazy in security preference. - htoutlaws2012

There's a 99.99% chance your account will get hacked. - TheFourthWorld

Mine is - EliHbk

That’s dumb

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11 Your username was inspired by this list

You know your username is bad if you got the idea from a list called Top 10 Signs You Have a Bad Username.

Yea this would be a very idiotic move.

lol - B0S5J4M3S

12 Your username is your school ID number

Its okay to put on numbers on the username, but not entirely of numbers even of a local school ID might not be the greatest idea. - htoutlaws2012

Lemme guess, 445956 added this, Right? - SpectralOwl

775629 wow such a horrible username - thunderclanrocks

13 Nobody seems to be able to spell it correctly

Literally nobody can spell mine right

Some people spell my username wrong... - TheFourthWorld

No won can spel luvfrumbadlandz

I don’t have this problem, but so many deleted accounts have similar usernames to mine! Who is loverfrombadlands? Who is lovefromthebadlands? Who is lovebadlands? I only know who lovefrombadlands is.

14 Your username is your own name

I assure you Cloud Invasion isn't my real name. - CloudInvasion

Hey guys ever since birth MarioNinja is my real name. Sounds cool right? /sarcasm

My names not thunderclan rocks - thunderclanrocks

There is never enough room for me to write my name on tests because it’s 16 letters.

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15 It has your name in it

My username has my real name in half Instead of Sidis obviously which Htoutlaws2012 accurately said my reason of creating my username and I'm glad he's a "dwelling being" of me.Mostly Jada has insert her own name(Who can't really spell and shoves her opinions down someone's throat and not leaving me alone because she doesn't know any better)- Kevinsidis

16 You have rather too many names in one username, even using stuff like "VGCP"
17 You have an edgy MySpace-esque name
18 It has more numbers than letters
19 Many people use it

Like mine ;-;

On musicly there about 50 warrior cat usernames I'm one of them :( - thunderclanrocks

Everyone’s username is lovefrombadlands! I’m so unoriginal!

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