Top 10 Signs You Have a Crush on Someone

We all have a crush but some of us may want to know the signs.

The Top Ten

1 You find them attractive

This happens usually to many of us. - Neonco31

I need no love. - Mewtwo_

Okay, tell me if this is weird but I haven't had a crush dus far. - Martinglez

Yay he's hot

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2 Your facial expressions change

We tend to blush or smile when we see them. - Neonco31

3 When they ask a question about your love interest, you can't respond properly
4 You tend to stick close to them all the time

This sounds familiar - Mewtwo_

5 You talk with them a lot

Me. I kinda talked with mine a couple of times recently - Neonco31

6 Your close friends notice your odd behavior when you spend time with your crush
7 You help them do things such as picking up their fallen books

Isn't picking up falling books the most used movie cliche to put the protagonist in a situation with their crush? Unsure anybody would help you pick up books irl - DapperPickle

I spilt hot sauce on my crush once on Taco Tuesday...

Oops. Spelling ERROR! - Neonco31

8 You make eye contact with each other
9 You pretend you don't like them

This is like dragon balls acids my face you stink.

But you actually like them. - Neonco31

Apparently these girls think I have a crush on them, while in reality I don't, just because I hate them, and that is true. I hate them more than I ever hated BobbyTheBrony, Therandom, Gamecubesarecool193, Dorayeah, Disney1994, Blear, Puga, and ModernSpongebobSucks COMBINED!

10 You get an erection

This only works for men. - Martinglez

Only if you're a male.

The Contenders

11 You chat with them a lot online
12 You stalk their Facebook/Twitter account
13 You want to have sex with them

This is... maybe a LITTLE over the top... but you know, I guess so... - Swiftdawn

14 You stare at them
15 You hide when you see them
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