Top 10 Signs You Have a Crush on Someone

We all have a crush but some of us may want to know the signs.

The Top Ten

1 You find them attractive

This happens usually to many of us. - Neonco31

I need no love. - Mewtwo_

Okay, tell me if this is weird but I haven't had a crush dus far. - Martinglez

Yay he's hot

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2 Your facial expressions change

We tend to blush or smile when we see them. - Neonco31

3 When they ask a question about your love interest, you can't respond properly
4 You tend to stick close to them all the time

This sounds familiar - Mewtwo_

5 You talk with them a lot

Me. I kinda talked with mine a couple of times recently - Neonco31

6 Your close friends notice your odd behavior when you spend time with your crush
7 You make eye contact with each other
8 You help them do things such as picking up their fallen books

Isn't picking up falling books the most used movie cliche to put the protagonist in a situation with their crush? Unsure anybody would help you pick up books irl - DapperPickle

I spilt hot sauce on my crush once on Taco Tuesday...

Oops. Spelling ERROR! - Neonco31

9 You pretend you don't like them

This is like dragon balls acids my face you stink.

But you actually like them. - Neonco31

Did you just call me a tsundere? - RoseWeasley

Yeah I do this all the time.When she ask me who is your crush,and is it me,I always respond with you are ugly,and every time I do it I just make a smile,and I can't get it off and she also made a smile,so I think that she know everything and that she just don't want to say that she knows,and leave me standing there awkward.So if you,my crush is reading this,thanks for being pretty good,I think.

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10 You get an erection

This only works for men. - Martinglez

Only if you're a male.

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11 You chat with them a lot online
12 You stare at them
13 You stalk their Facebook/Twitter account
14 You want to have sex with them

This is... maybe a LITTLE over the top... but you know, I guess so... - Swiftdawn

15 You hide when you see them
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