Top 10 Signs You Have a Crush on Someone

We all have a crush but some of us may want to know the signs.

The Top Ten

You find them attractive

Finding someone attractive doesn't make them that person's crush. - Misfire

Appreciation doesn't mean it's infatuation. - Ananya

This happens usually to many of us. - Neonco31

I need no love. - Mewtwo_

You think about them 24/7

24/7 is when you're having a break or a rest. have you though about them lot in your daydreams? you have a crush on them if you say yes to that

Your facial expressions change around them

I beam - TriggerTrashKid

We tend to blush or smile when we see them. - Neonco31

You chat with them a lot online

Lol am I the only one who hasn't had a crush with a person I know personally? - Misfire

Yes his name is Alex from Tinder - Luckys

You get butterflies in your stomach when you think about them
You tend to stick close to them

This sounds familiar - Mewtwo_

You pretend you don't like them

I did this for a long time before the crush was confessed and turned out to be reciprocated. We're both very happy now.

But you actually like them. - Neonco31

This is like dragon balls acids my face you stink.

Apparently these girls think I have a crush on them, while in reality I don't, just because I hate them, and that is true. I hate them more than I ever hated BobbyTheBrony, Therandom, Gamecubesarecool193, Dorayeah, Disney1994, Blear, Puga, and ModernSpongebobSucks COMBINED!

You overthink what to say next
When they ask a question about your love interest, you can't respond properly
Your close friends notice your odd behavior when you spend time with them

So then do I have a crush on [censored] or not? My friends noticed that I acted differently around him and I don't know if they’re right or not. I mean I am happy around him and always have fun with him but I don't know. I keep telling myself that he’s just a friend. Am I lying to myself or what? Agh this is so confusing.

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Your body heats up around them
You talk with them a lot

Me. I kinda talked with mine a couple of times recently - Neonco31

You make eye contact with each other

Why do most of these items describe me around my friend? Do I actually have a crush on him? True my friends told me I act differently around him. True he and I always make eye contact. True I kinda find him a little bit attractive. And etc.
ok this is starting to get a little creepy...

You help them do things such as picking up their fallen books

I spilt hot sauce on my crush once on Taco Tuesday...

Isn't picking up falling books the most used movie cliche to put the protagonist in a situation with their crush? Unsure anybody would help you pick up books irl - DapperPickle

Oops. Spelling ERROR! - Neonco31

You listen to songs that describe your feelings for them

Yep...the playlist currently has 20 songs, is 1 hour 16 minutes long, and keeps growing longer...

So then it’s not just me who does this. Good to know

You catch yourself staring at them

True I always seemed to want to stare at my crush, and sometimes it was hard not to stare at them

Yeah that’s me with my crush, but I always make sure to stare at him sneakily. Like if he’s talking, bcs no one is gonna think it’s weird to stare at someone when they’re saying something, am I right? Or like if someone next to him is talking and it would look like I was staring at the person who is talking when I’m rly not.
And I especially like staring at him in a crowded place where he’s surrounded by a bunch of friends, bcs then he either won't notice, or if he does, he can just assume that I’m staring at one of the other people in the crowded room.
And sorry if I sound like a creep, but I can't help it! He’s rly cute, and for some reason I always like his hair styles when others around me say that they look aweful. I get so annoyed when they say that, but anyway I’m going off topic.
My point is yes, I do have a crush on him bcs I am constantly staring at him when ever I can get away with doing so unnoticed😉

You get shy around them
You stalk their social media accounts
You sometimes flirt with them without knowing it

Oof this happened a lot with me. - AndIOop

You hide when you see them
You hope to see them at events
You miss them when they’re not around

It’s been almost 5 months...😭...I miss him so so much

Everything reminds you of them


You hope to see them online every day
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