Signs That You Like Dora

The Top Ten Signs That You Like Dora

1 Watching it

Unless you're forced to watch it with your child or younger sibling.

2 Being a 3 year old

Learning how to see things from the show, you have less knowledge at that age.
It's easy for people who are older you have more knowledge, started school and see the things.

3 Playing The Games
4 Talking about it

The only exception is talking about how bad it is.

5 By Getting mad at Jake09
6 Clicking On This List

Nah I'm not a fan I just didn't expect to go on the internet and find out its one of the most overhated preschool show with the Teletubbies (which is when preschool shows started to go unusual)

7 Creating This List

Jake09 likes Dora lolololololol!

8 Saying that you like it
9 You buy Dora merchandise
10 Making numerous hate lists about her

Even though Dora is a show for the toddlers, people who hate things secretly like them but embarrassed say they like it. You would get painful embarrassment to admit that you like a show made for 2-7 year olds.

The Contenders

11 Denying it
12 Trying to Get the Theme Song On iTunes
13 Subscribing to the Dora Rocks channel
14 Humming or whistling the theme song
15 Sleep With Toys
16 Joining the fan club on Dora's Wikia.

That's where all Dora's fans are on the Wikia.
Even Boohbahs. Someone made a list for new Boohbah episodes don't worry they aren't canon it hasn't even been rebooted.

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