Signs That You Like Justin Bieber

The Top Ten Signs That You Like Justin Bieber

1 Listening to his music

Music is alright, but I don't like him. - Soulmiss

I HATE him buut as you know HE'S IN JAIL!

2 Saying that you like him
3 Getting all of his songs on iTunes
4 Singing/humming/whistling his songs
5 Kissing a poster of him every day

That also means you are a psycho with no life.

6 Being a girl

What no! Most girls on TTT hate him. And that's good. - Userguy44

And I'm a girl
But I hate him since I saw him for the first time

99,9% of all girls are fan, true. - XMrGentlemanX

7 Talking about him
8 Clicking on the list of Best Things About Justin Bieber

I did this not because I'm a fan but to see just how ridiculous it was. And it was. - PositronWildhawk

9 Denying it
10 Subscribing to his channel

The Contenders

11 You had him sign your JB shirt
12 You have no idea about good music
13 You make a list about him
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