Top 10 Signs You Like a Music Artist

We all have our favorite music artists. Music is so wonderful.

The Top Ten Signs You Like a Music Artist

1 You don't laugh at this list because you think of them
2 You listen to their music a lot

I am obsessed with Andy Lau. I listen to his songs WAY too many times to the point that it annoys the rest of my family.

3 You look at pictures of them on the Internet
4 The best way for people to annoy you is to say they suck
5 You can't stop looking to see if they made a new song
6 You can't stand their haters
7 You look on the Internet to learn about them
8 You want to buy their CD

I own a few Andy Lau CDs.

9 You watch their concert videos
10 You seem like you know them more than yourself

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11 Their music saved your life
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